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Astrology 4: Mercury & Venus


Mercury, in strictly astrological terms, relates to communication in all its facets. Some of the areas which Mercury covers are talking, discussion, education, culture, the Internet, rhythm, expression, mental abilities and powers of communication.

Traditionally communication was regarded as intellectual, what went in your head, but now we’re being called to recognize Mercury’s influence on communication within and without, in overt and hidden forms, in truths and in untruths, in other words, extending its energies into every facet of our lives whether asleep or waking because we communicate in visible and invisible ways. Mercury can take us deep within to hidden truths within us to lead to freer expression of that which our soul wishes to express.

Mercury has certain periods in the year when it goes retrograde. It means that as you look at it from the Earth, it looks as if it’s going backwards, even though – obviously – it isn’t. Rationality can go out of the window. Journeys can get interrupted. Contracts can fold. Communications get stuffed up. Things get unhinged. You get unhinged.

On the other hand, you can work with Mercury retrograde in a laid-back fashion. You can give yourself extra time to do things like writing, talking, driving, making sure your computer’s up-to-date and backed up. You can consider Mercury in its evening phase and see it as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being whacko. You can polish your sense of humour in the face of challenges and glitches. You can communicate with yourself at inner levels you might not otherwise reach or be aware of. Remember – there is no such thing as control so in a Mercury retrograde phase, let go and let things roll as the dice fall. It makes life a lot easier and you stay in good condition without any bald spots from when you pull your hair out.


Communication; communication screw-ups; clarity; light; darkness; speed; stuckness; Magician; Trickster; shadow side; truth; justice; lies; drivel; subterfuge; honesty; double dealing; upfront-ness; vision.

Body: Energy; direction; grounding; practicality; lack of direction; expressive movement; clumsiness; sense of direction; speediness; sportiness.
Crystals: Sunstone; Black Tourmaline; Faden Quartz; Growth Interference Quartz; Lapis Lazuli; White Howlite.

Mind: Clarity, vision, confusion, dark night of the soul; deceit; honesty; mindfulness; meditation; frustration.
Crystals: Smokey Quartz Elestials; Rainbow Fluorite; Golden Apatite; Indicolite (Blue Tourmaline)

Emotions: Depression; bright spirits; ability to communicate emotions; ability to communicate empathy; sympathy.
Crystals: Blue Calcite; Merlinite; Golden Calcite; Enhydro Quartz; Blue Kyanite; Black Kyanite

Heart: Heartfelt communication; blocked communication from the heart; subterfuge; openness; listening to intuitive responses.
Crystals: Pink Danburite; Rhodochrosite; Blue Calcite; Charoite; Seraphinite; Watermelon Tourmaline; Brazilian Blue Quartz
Soul: Communicating one’s own song; speaking the truth; integrity; wholeness; ancestral reverence.
Crystals: Libyan Desert Glass; Herkimer Diamond; Blue Vivianite Nodules
Spirit: Truth; wisdom; connection of timelessness; ancestral communication.
Crystals: Fulgurite; Clear Fluorite; Clear Calcite; Tanzanite; Angelite; Dioptase; Apophyllite with Stillbite

When you learn to love and value yourself, you say and do what comes from the heart not from the head and an anxious need for approval. In other words, you give away powerlessness and you become powerful through the simple step of loving yourself. Good grief, the power of love! I have tucked away somewhere something that says humanity took a huge step forward with the discovery of fire. When love is rediscovered by all, a second fire will have been re-ignited. How true!

“Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfil them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.”
– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Who among us, when we talk about Venus, doesn’t think of the seductive statue of Venus di Milo, Goddess of Love and Beauty. The statue is believed to have been sculpted in 130-90 BC as a tribute to Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love. It was found by accident on the small Greek island Melos in the Aegean Sea. Then there’s the beautiful Botticelli painting, The Birth of Venus, painted around 1485 for Giovanni and Lorenzi di Pierfranceso de’ Medici.

Both were created centuries apart but both are linked by successive generations’ obsession with Venus as the embodiment of love, lushness, sensuality and all things beautiful. It represents something that is at the core of us when we incarnate on Earth – love. No wonder Venus as a Goddess and embodiment of the Feminine has been venerated in various forms since time immemorial.

A modern day tribute would be the song: “What the world needs now, is Love Sweet Love”. And ain’t that the honest truth? We long for love, we seek love in appropriate and inappropriate ways, and all the paths to love lead us back to the heart as the window of our soul. This is where the essence of love lives, a spark of ever-living, ever-present Spirit within us, waiting to burst into a fire when we realize that all our searching brings us back to ourselves and the realization that all we need to do is embrace loving ourselves and everything falls into place, including love for the whole universe and everything and everyone in this great, magical adventure.

Venus strikes me as a bit of a shape shifter. She’s elusive. As children all we need to know is that we are loved and cherished whatever we do. Quite often we don’t get this reassurance from our parents and so begins our trek to learn that we are worthy of love just as we are. Venus, as the embodiment of love, flits around all over the place and leads us a merry old, convoluted dance in our lives.

Venus is the last star you see in the dawn and the first star you see at dusk. It’s a reminder that we come into this incarnation on earth to begin the journey to return to love the moment we are born, and to continue the journey until the moment we return to love in spirit when we cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Venus is the bright energy in the sky which speaks to our hearts and really sings a song of what we all seek on earth – love. It’s such a simple concept and yet we make it so complicated here on Earth. My other vision of Venus is as a seductive flute player, who sings her elusive love songs as she lures us along in the material world, in our quest to find out just what love is.

It seems to me that so much of the dissonance in present-day societies is because we feel the lack of love, community and connection in our lives. We are commodified, presented as unworthy if we don’t have slim, beautiful bodies or aren’t in superb health or aren’t wearing the latest designer clothing or don’t have a house packed with the latest consumer items.

“Things” can’t give us love. *We* give love, to ourselves and to others when we come home to ourselves and realize that everything we seek is within us. When we know that love is at the heart of everything, we reach that feeling of peace because we finally know and acknowledge deep within us who we are and what we came into this Earth to do. Loving ourselves doesn’t simply mean being able to love others. It means we can reach out to all sentient beings and we can embrace Mother Earth for her beauty and her generosity in still extending her loving embrace to us when we recognize that she is as much a part of Divinity as we are.

As I said above, Venus is the first bright light to appear in the evening and the last bright light to fade at dawn as the sun’s rays begin to brighten the horizon. It is the second-closest planet to the sun and has a very dense atmosphere. These aspects seem to me to reflect the role of Venus in our lives – for love has a number of dual aspects. It can mean giving and receiving; selfishness and generosity; passion and obsession. Searching for love and coming to understand that we are all utterly worthy of love is reflected in the dense atmosphere of this Spirit glowing in the sky at dawn and dusk. We fight through a fog until we emerge into the light of love and the opening of our heart chakra to embrace ourselves and all that is.


Love; obsession; beauty; generosity; peace of heart; jealousy; selfishness; accommodation; maternal love; feminine qualities; physical body; unselfishness; caring for self; over-giving to others; lack of confidence; giving away one’s power for approval; approving of oneself without needs of others’ approval; intimacy; heart connection; art; creativity; depravity; greed; indolence; gossip; vanity; self-confidence; the unselfishness of self-love as the fount of love; self-obsession; earthiness, sensuality; attachment; release.

Body: Sensuality; abandonment; lushness; eating disorders; divorce from body; embracing body; acceptance of body; acceptance of difference; judging by difference, exhibitionism, withdrawal, love of body, love of Mother Earth.
Crystals: Bloodstone; Astrophyllite; Jet; Lepidolite; Sulphur; Witch’s Finger; Earth Mama concretion ; Blue Apatite; Mugglestone; Metamorphosis Quartz; Buddstone.

Mind: Softness; creativity; uncritical thoughts; critical thoughts; loving thoughts; appreciation of beauty; depression; radiance, balance; bi-polar.
Crystals: Rose Quartz elestial; Mexican Fire Agate; Pink Kunzite; Gem Silica; Maroon Mookaite; Goddess Stone; Unakite; Golden Apatite; Amblygonite; Ruby in Zoisite.

Emotions: Joy; hate; passion; acceptance; isolation; unhappiness; over the moon, radiance.
Crystals: Lavender Tribe of Light; Manganocalcite; Lithium-included Quartz; Pink Kunzite; Lepidolite; Wonderstone.

Heart: Love; happiness; grief; sadness; optimism; generosity; selfishness; giving; taking; release; vindictiveness.
Crystals: Dioptase; Rhodochrosite: Madagascan Rhodonite; Burmese Pink Spinel; Citrine; Ruby; Pezzotaite.

Soul: Love; unconditional love; love of the Universe for all; reconnection.
Crystals: Brandberg Amethyst; Pink Danburite; Diopside; Plancheite; Scocelite; Purperite.
Spirit: Unconditional love; universal energy; timelessness; embrace of all, eternal life.
Crystals: Quan Yin Fluorite; Rose Quartz crystals; Clear Pollucite; Cookeite; White Tribe
of Light; Celestite.

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