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Astrology 1: Sun Signs – Potential & Pratfalls

Please remember that your Sun sign is only one aspect of you – check out your Ascendant and Moon signs to get a better picture of the sum of you. But also remember that astrology is incredibly complex – get a full reading if possible to get a sense of the whole of you astrologically.

Sun Signs – Potential & Pratfalls

Each Sun sign has potential you can live up to, in which case you are working with your inner power to positive effects. Conversely, each Sun sign has pratfalls, which are diversions, cul-de-sacs and dead-ends of negative expression of your energies. We need to be realistic about this. Sometimes we’re going to live up to our highest potential, and sometimes we’re going to go down into the depths and that’s where you have your pratfalls. But that’s life. It’s not easy. It has by-ways and highways so go easy on yourself if you’ve diverted into a pratfall, pick yourself up and resume your cheerful pursuit of your potential! (I have also mixed up nouns and adjectives below, my apologies, but I’m sure you’ll cope).

ARIES Around 21 March – around 20 April(Fire, Cardinal):
Potential: Drive, ambition, determination, power, courage, leadership, fiery, dynamic, idealism, positive, enthusiastic, extrovert, adventurous.
Pratfalls: Bully, cruelty, egotistical, tyrant, self-aggrandizement, self-centered, greedy, insensitive, selfish, foolhardy.

TAURUS Around 21 April – around 20 May (Earth, Fixed):
Potential: Steady, practical, loyal, strong, sensual, caring, loving, sharing, nurturing, patient, persistent, steadfast, dependable, kind, warm-hearted.
Pratfalls: Rigid, narrow, possessive, selfish, brutal, materialistic, suspicious, arrogant, superficial, full of rage, stuck in old ways or relationships, jealous.

GEMINI Around 21 May – around 21 June (Air, Mutable):
Potential: Smart, quick-thinking, charming, witty, adaptable, curious, intelligent, gregarious, fun-loving, quixotic, great communications, focused, mercurial.
Pratfalls: Duplicitous, nervous, tense, cunning, emotionally cold, ruthless, ambivalent, childish, scattered, shallow, ungrounded.

CANCER Around 22 June – around 23 July (Water, Cardinal)
Potential: Sensitive, compassionate, generous, kind, loving, intuitive, sympathetic, conscientious, joyful, enthusiastic, forgiving, giving, introverted.
Pratfalls: Self-centered, perfectionist, critical, fearful, isolationist, insecure, angry, resentful, indecisive, controlling, touchy, prone to depression, bears grudges, moody.

LEO Around 24 July – around 23 August (Fire, Fixed)
Potential: Enthusiastic, dynamic, loyal, generous, sunny, intelligent, charming, fearless, leaders, energetic, loving, humorous, expansive, extrovert, warm-hearted, broad-minded.
Pratfalls: Tense, driven, overachieving, temperamental, stressed, black moods, bossy, patronizing, compulsive, overbearing, lethargic, fear of failure, insensitive, self-centred.

VIRGO Around 24 August – around 23 September (Earth, Mutable)
Potential: Visionary, modest, healing abilities, disciplined, positive, conscientious, artisan, reliable, responsible, trustworthy, perfectionist, discriminating, systematic.
Pratfalls: Jealous, obsessive, narrowness, inverted, fearful, bland, fearful, indecisive, critical, fussy, worrier.

LIBRA Around 24 September – around 23 October (Air, Cardinal):
Potential: Diplomatic, charming, creative, intelligent, pleasure-oriented, harmonious, conciliatory, artistic, communicator, sense of symmetry, peaceable, logical.
Pratfalls: Indecisive, self-critical, unbalanced, manipulative, self-indulgent, insecure, undisciplined, anxious, gullible, easily influenced, gives power away to others, fearful.

SCORPIO Around 24 October – around 22 November (Water, Fixed)
Potential: Deep, sensitive, sexual, powerful, self-masterful, self-renewal, warrior spirit, heroic, joyful, passionate, intense, determined, magnetic.
Pratfalls: Vengeful, cold, ruthless, moody, depressive, controlling, secretive, obsessive, compulsive, jealous, obstinate.

SAGITTARIUS Around 23 November – around 21 December (Fire, Mutable)
Potential: Adventurous, optimistic, philosophic, humorous, idealist, generous, spiritual, expansive, freedom-loving, humanitarian, generous, exuberant, passionate, truth-seeking.
Pratfalls: Impulsive, over-optimistic, unrealistic, tactless, directionless, undisciplined, scatterbrained, self-pitying, restless.

CAPRICORN Around 22 December – around 20 January (Earth, Cardinal)
Potential: Patient, persistent, highly organized, diligent, tenacious, ambitious, disciplined, serious, dependable, loyal, devoted, tasteful, pragmatic, prudent.
Pratfalls: Tyrannical, materialistic, compulsive, tactless, insensitive, unthinking, social-climber, insecure, rigid thinker, miserly.

AQUARIUS Around 21 January – around 19 February (Air, Fixed)
Potential: Utopian, idealistic, humanitarian, visionary, freedom-loving, eccentric, genius, independent, individualistic, original, inventive, honest, inventive.
Pratfalls: Aloof, detached, out of touch, lunatic, unfocused, naïve, escapist, narcissistic, cold, irresponsible, violent, irrational, intractable.

PISCES Around 20 February – around 20 March (Water, Mutable)
Potential: Psychic, healer, emotional, romantic, compassionate, sympathetic, idealistic dreamer, visionary, intuitive, caretaker, artistic, imaginative, selfless.
Pratfalls: Self-delusionary, over-sensitive, escapist, addictive, ungrounded, impractical, enabler, martyr, easily led, weak-willed.

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