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Astrology 2: Sun, Moon & Earth


The Moon, for me, represents my maternal ancestral lines and all the wonderful memories I have of my maternal grandmother. The Moon reminds me of dreams, mysteries, inner work and the sweetness of the sea of emotions. She also reminds me of the splendour of the Universe when I watch her riding in the sky with her cool light and mysterious disappearances behind the clouds.

The Moon dances in us as the fluids in our bodies resonate with the Dark Moon, the New Moon and the Full Moon. Her subtle power flows through the rivers, seas and oceans which rise and fall according to her ebbs and flows. When you live in the Mediterranean, it’s a surprise to see the lack of tide in this mainly inland sea as you realise how we take high and low tides for granted.

Communities and civilisations throughout history have venerated the Moon, flowing with her energies at earth level and dancing with her night light as they listen to the flow of the Universe’s energies.

Below I’ve listed the qualities of the Moon as I experience her, as well as crystals which I personally associate with moon energies. Other crystals may seem more appropriate for you, go with our intution not with my choices!

Feminine energies; maiden, woman & crone; Triple Goddess; mystery; dreams; shadows; darkness; moods; dreams; shadows; darkness; ebb & flow. Moon goddesses are: Selene; Artemis; Arienhrod; Cerridwen; Diana; Ix Chel, Marwu, to name but a few. (If you do a search on the Internet, you’ll see how many communities throughout history have recognised and venerated the power of Grandmother Moon).
Body: Menstruation/Moontimes; slowness; fluid flow; sleep; rising energy; stable energy; connection to Earth’s rhythms.
Crystals: Moonstone; Holey stones; Chiastolite; Smoky Elestial Quartz; Labradorite; Sacred Web Calcite; Turitella Agate.
Emotions: Happiness; sadness; optimism; pessimism; elation; quiet time, lunacy, elation, shadow self.
Crystals: Moonstone; Witches’ Finger Quartz; Golden Apatite; Citrine; Girasol; Blue Topaz; Rattling Moon Geode.
Heart: Lightness; darkness; flow of love; tolerance; passion; obession; balance.
Crystals: Moonstone; Ruby in Zoisite; Thulite; Peruvian Rhodochrosite; Pink Danburite; Carollite; Rose Quartz crystals.

Soul: Inner light; ancestral lineage; inner power; inner wisdom, grace.
Crystals: Moonstone; Brandberg Amethyst; Pyrite Moon; Cave Pearl; Libyan Desert Glass; Clear Fluorite; Herkimer Diamond; Celestite.
Spirit: Expression of Feminine Divine; yin energy expressed; interconnectedness of all; grace.
Crystals: Moonstone; Cave Pearl; Kunzite; Vera Cruz Amethyst; Selenite; Scocelite, Quan Yin Fluorite, Clear Danburite; Herkimer Diamond; Vera Cruz Amethyst Cross Quartz; Kyanite in Matrix.


The Sun in our life radiates light, life, energy and radiance. It is associated with creativity, joyfulness, confidence, affection and being open-hearted. The Sun represents our identity and our “here and now”. It offers our purpose and our sense of direction in life. It is what you are, how you act. It also represents your masculine energies and your father relationship – how you father yourself and how you relate to your own father.

I was actually quite amused when I first started writing this section as initially it contained very little information about the sun. This relates to the fact that I had a very difficult relationship with my own father, something I’ve resolved now but which did lead to some challenges for me in my life.

Masculine energies; heat; light; drama; circles; fire; brilliance; creativity; ego; stubbornness; get-up-and-go; drive; yang; burn-out. Some sun gods are: Ra; Apollo; Surya; Amun; Helios.
Body: Energy; drive; enthusiasm; activity; inactivity; purpose; direction
Crystals: Astrophyllite; Sunstone; Pipestone; Garnet; Carnelian; Aragonite; Amber; Madagascar Rhondonite.

Mind: Concentration; inspiration; insight.
Crystals: Libyan Desert Glass; Pyrite Moon; Sunstone; Vanadinite; Metamorphosis Quartz; Amber

Optimism; black moods; cheerfulness; friendliness; withdrawal; depression; sweetness.
Crystals: Sunstone; Witches’ Finger Quartz; Carollite; Mexican Fire Agate; Galena
Heart: Love; Faithfulness; Loyalty; Jealousy; Possessiveness; Affection.
Crystals: Burmese Pink Spinel; Sunstone; Ruby; Black Melanite Garnet; Malachite;
Pietersite; Fuchsite; Cuprite

Soul: Inspiration; Courage; Light; Ancestral Lineage; Vision; galactic songlines.
Crystals: Sunstone; Herkimer Diamond; Sunstone; Aurora Borealis Marble; Polish Red
Zincite; Tangerine Quartz; Phenakite; Stibnite.

Spirit: Unconditional love; angelic energies; forgiveness; service with a smile; benevolent father energy; timelessness;
Crystals: Sunstone; African Selenite Rose; Fulgurite; Pyrite; Star Hollandite Quartz; Staurolite; Shiva Lingham Stone


The strength of a society lies in its spiritual sense of self. It seems to me, in this context, that our disconnection from this planet comes through living in what Malidoma Patrice Some has called “machine society”. It is leaving more and more of us with an emptiness that is so glaring that our soul pain is pushing us into working to resolve it, even if we don’t know the resolution when we start on this quest for inner peace.

I know, from my own experience, that my first forays into the little glimmers of light leading to a new path led me right off the planet – lots of blue and purple clothing (you know, to show how spiritual I was), disdain for the “lower chakras” and all that earth stuff, and lots of airy-fairy flighty stuff. The path back to the Earth has been tortuous to say the least, but the lesson
for me is not that we follow the path back to ourselves and our sense of self through quitting the planet, its following the path TO the Earth which actually leads us to wholeness.

We share the pain of Planet Earth and her damaged self because we ourselves are so damaged when we are disconnected from any sense of this wonderful Earth beneath us. Her pain calls to our pain, and in healing ourselves we are heeding the call from Mother Earth to take steps towards healing the wonderful planet which nurtures, sustains and supports us.

Mother Earth welcomes us with open arms when we emerge from the womb, opening her heart to us with generosity and goodwill. My own feelings are that we are here to learn the lessons of living in a practical, grounded way which leads us in a labyrinth to the core of Mother Earth – love, the ability to see spirit in everything on Mother Earth including the Great Mother, and returning home to love in our hearts and souls.

In an internet search I did for Goddesses, I came upon Mother Earth as the Goddess of spring sunlight, summer life, autumn harvest and winter retreat; of huge storms and cyclones; of balmy summer breezes; of energizing spring days; of harvest-saving rain; of destruction and salvation. What a great teacher the Great Mother is.

Love; juiciness; birth; death; re-birth; grounding; space; growth; restriction; fear; strength; courage; helplessness; power; lessons; ignorance; healing; dis-ease; peace; war; conflict; repose; expansion; contraction.

Body: Birth; maturity; death (re-birth); growth; earthiness; solidity; grounding; direction; tribal links; wisdom; ignorance; action; cycles; security; energy.
Crystals: Cave Pearl; Clear Quartz; Tiger Iron; Obsidian; Ochre; Mochi Marbles; Galena; Black Tourmaline; Bloodstone; Petrified Wood.

Mind: Focus; Clarity; Fogginess; Practicality.
Crystals: Cave Pearl; Clear Quartz; Smoky Quartz; Unakite; Turitella Agate; Malachite; Blue John; Danburite

Emotions: Confidence; insecurity; doubt; depression; optimism; sadness; joy; love; grief; colour, fear; courage.
Crystals: Cave Pearl; Clear Quartz; Pink Pollucite; Plum Quartz; Lithium-included Quartz; Earth Mama; Peridot Elestial

Heart: Love; hate; peace; doubt; forgiveness; goodness; grief; sense of community; loyalty, betrayal.
Crystals: Cave Pearl; Clear Quartz; Pink Danburite; Indian Black Amethyst; Turquoise; Mother’s Heart; Dioptase; Strawberry (Pink and White) calcite; Watermelon Tourmaline

Soul: Eternal life; love; compassion; spirit realm connectivity; earth deva connectivity
Crystals: Turquoise; Clear Quartz; Cave Pearls; Goddess Stone; Emerald Green Calcite; Rose
Quartz elestials; Sugilite.

Spirit: Eternal Life; divinity; radiance; universal web of life; unity of Spirit.
Crystals: Earth Angel; Danburite; Amethyst; Rose Quartz crystals; Rainbow Hematite; Charoite; Phenacite

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