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Rest & Recreation – Another Kidney Infection

I had a flare-up of fibromyalgia at the end of last week complete with the Glums which is where you wake up feeling like you’re at the bottom of a dark pit with no way out. The only way out of this is sit back, relax, tell yourself “This too will pass” and eventually you wake up one day wondering why the hell you felt such darkness and despair. Experience helps weather these storms!

However, I’ve ended up with another kidney infection which I’m treating with antibiotic, home-made lemon barley water, various supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I’ve decided this is a wake-up call to take far better care of myself and have a complete break and rest for the rest of the week, at least until Friday.

Thanks for your patience and, hopefully, understanding.  Back in due course – ciao, hasta la vista!

New Beginnings

Moon withinI was going to start writing this blog again but decided that I’m going to leave it until after the Christmas season to give myself a good rest given that I’m still getting over the rather nasty kidney infection I experienced a short while ago.

This illness has actually caused me to have a bit of a re-examination of what I’m doing and where I’m heading, which I’ll explain the next time I post. Amazing – you get to 67 and think all is sorted out and settled, and then something comes along to give you a kick up the backside and new beginnings in healing work – healing with words, that is. At least, I think and hope so. It’s why I don’t want to commit to anything printed at the moment as I’m processing what came up for mentally, physically and emotionally with the kidney infection.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the above image for the Festive Season, however you choose to celebrate it, and send you the very best wishes for the New Year and a great 2015.

Absent due to Illness

I was all set to start reporting when I came down with a rather diabolical kidney infection, plus my computer was in for repairs. I am recovering slowly but surely, still having to rest and take things easy, so ask for your patience until I’m fully back on board health-wise.

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