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Flying High (53)


I had a wonderful dream last night, another in the series of dreams I’ve been having since my short visit to the UK.

“In the dream, I am with some people at the top of a cliff with the sea far below us. I look over at the sea below and realise I’m right on the edge of the cliff and it’s a long way to the bottom. Suddenly a woman comes up behind me, holds me around the wrists with our arms outspread, says: “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, Maureen” and jumps off the cliff with me. At first I’m terrified, but then the woman disappears and I realise I’m swooping and diving in the thermals, with rainbow colours all around me. I lose all fear of flying. After a while, I land safely and go to make sure the woman has landed safely too.  She is fine but makes it clear that her work is done, and I’m now on my own, making my own way.”

I know this means I’m moving on to something new in my life, and I need to take the plunge, but I haven’t quite worked out what that is.  I know I’ve been feeling the need to take things quietly and see what emerges over time, so I guess it’s a case of “in all due timelessness”.

I created the above image to accompany the dream.  I used a blank, turquoise canvas I created on PicMonkey, then imported it into Pixlr and added on some of their space images. Quite simple but it matches my dream!

By the way, I always report a dream in the present, makes it more real, and I always make sure that, when a dream is very vivid and leaves a clear image with me, I write it down in my dream diary.


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