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Still Alive!

I’ve been absent from my blog for quite a while, apologies for the lack of writing, but very hot weather in August (40-odd every day and hot nights) really did a number on me.  As it was very humid too, the heat really exacerbated the  good ol’ fibromyalgia and it’s taking me a while to really get back on my feet.

I’ve also been focused on my digital art as it really helps me stay positive when my health is a bit challenging..

I’ve really had to re-assess what I can and can’t do as my tendency is to pretend the fibro and hip pain don’t exist, except they have a mind of their own and make their presence known!  At present I’m focusing on an art exhibition I’m holding here in North Cyprus on 22nd November. I’ll be showing my acrylic, mandala, vision board and digital art, as well as photography from Australia and New Cyprus.

I’m not a terribly practical person as I prefer the creative process rather than the practical one, so I’ve decided to spend my time from now until 22nd November on all the background stuff needed to get the exhibition up and running, and then return to this blog after that time.

Then I shall be writing about my trips to China – exciting and memorable. And also about my health issues and how I’ve worked with various alternative therapies over the years. Thereafter, I’ll be posting every other day, health taking into consideration, and posting art on the intervening days.

My apologies for my absence, but for once I’m listening to my body and taking things step by step. It’s very frustrating to do so, by the way, but perhaps common sense has hit me in my golden oldie years!



Most Influential Blogger Award

Today I am sorting out awards people have gifted me , so I’d like to thank Don Charisma for granting me Most Influential Blogger Award. I love these awards as I think, as I’ve said before, they show the great camaraderie which exists in the blogging community. So thanks, Don, you’re a great blogger, a generous man, and someone who’s always ready to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs support in any way.

I am supposed to offer a connection to my favourite music and so here’s a link to “At the River” by Groove Armada. It’s lovely, laid-back, dreamy summer music with the refrain throughout:  “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air/Quaint little villages here and there”, words taken from Patti Page’s original recording of “Old Cape Cod”.

I am supposed to nominate in turn ten bloggers for this award but, as I have health challenges, I prefer to work with five nominees which I can handle. So here are my five nominees for interesting blogs which are worth looking at:






If any of those nominated don’t accept awards, that’s fine, it’s up to each individual and what you feel comfortable with.  I personally can’t handle all the rigmarole or controls that come with some awards so I amend my response to what I can handle within my abilities.

Have a great day,  everyone, hopefully not as windy as here in North Cyprus, where we have sunny skies, bright sunshine and a really strong wind which at least keeps the temperatures down!



Blogger Award – A slight diversion!

A while back, I was nominated for “Versatile Blogger” award by Rita Kowats whose blog, Spirituality Without Borders, I follow.  It’s lovely to be honoured in this way, and now here are my own fifteen nominees for the award. These are blogs I follow, enjoy and think have great content. I am a bit late posting this but have had some health challenges since I got skittled by one of my dogs and had a bad fall. I am, therefore, not in a position to notify each person individually  so I hope all the blogs I’ve nominated recognise their name. To all these bloggers – thank you very much, you have enriched my life!

















Each blog nominated is requested to nominate a further fifteen blogs which helps publicise all those who diligently blog about so many different subjects. Here’s the link:


 I know that Painting Pundit has been nominated by someone else but I wanted to include her as part of my list because she writes such interesting and varied material around art and the world of art.

If you’re interested, look these up as their blogs are great to read and very informative. I love the way the blogging community supports each other so generously and in such a good-hearted manner.

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