“Don’t Mention the Oil!”

Iraq - oil 1

In the Chilcot report on the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US and Great Britain, with Australia tagging along, and in all the reams of commentary about the contents of the report, there is a stunning silence about the real reason behind the war.

With attention focused on the then UK prime minister Blair and US president Bush, no-one is mentioning OIL.

It’s a bit like the Fawlty Towers episode where Basil Fawlty enjoins everyone not to mention the war when German holidaymakers stay at the hotel. “Don’t mention the war” he lectures staff while doing completely the opposite himself.

In the Fawlty Towers version of the Iraq War, however, it’s good ol’ whipping boy, Saddam Hussein, who occupies centre stage as the dreadful villain whose dastardly deeds demand that he be removed. And not one mention of OIL. Because that was the motivation, the real driving force behind both wars in Iraq and the subsequent sanctions imposed on Iraq by a US-dominated United Nations: the control of the oil resources of the Iraqi nation.

You can demonise Hussein for all your worth but, until the 1st Gulf War, Iraq was a country with great health services, good education facilities, modern infrastructure and no fundamentalist groups blowing people up left, right and centre. No, I know he was a dictator but the US and its allies have never worried too much about dictators (as in the US-backed right-wing dictatorships in South America or the Shah in Iran), the problem for Saddam-baby was that his country is sitting on top of rich oil resources, resources the US and other Western nations wanted to get their sticky little fingers on.

You could also add that the by-product for the mega-rich armaments industry was huge profits from the bombings on Iraq.  Plus, let’s not forget, even more profits as they then had to replenish the arsenal unleashed on Iraq. And let’s also not forget the mega-million profits Halliburton got in Iraq, without due process of bidding for contracts, with its former vice-president Cheney involved in doling out the contracts  (not forgetting Halliburton Corporation gave him a $34 million hand-out when he started his run for the US vice-presidency and, by the way, Cheney was opposed to removing Saddam Hussein from power after the first Gulf War!).

So while, yes, Bush, Blair and Howard were instrumental in unleashing the war, let’s not get suckered into a debate about the pros and cons of Saddam Hussein. He was the bait, the excuse for the war to conceal the real aim – control of oil.


Iraq - oil 1



Gabrielle Roth quotation

I recalled the above quote by Gabrielle Roth when I read an article today about the way the medical profession treated a woman with depression.

The woman was going through a divorce so what she was really suffering from were emotions like grief, pain, regret which, yes, can drag you down into sadness. But not necessarily depression.

So this woman went to see a psychiatrist in Harley Street (a posh area in London for high-end medical professionals) who interviewed her for twenty minutes, diagnosed depression and sent her away with a prescription for escitaloprom and mirtazapine. For the next year this woman descended into hell via prescription anti-depressant medications including, additionally, aripiprazole, sertraline and disazepam. Oh, and the aripiprazole was replaced with olanzapine, on of the most powerful antipsychotic drugs. Linked to unexplained deaths, strokes, diabetes and an overwhelming urge to binge eat. The woman lost her emotions and couldn’t feel love or any emotion and wanted to kill herself.

She eventually, courtesy of a National Health Service mental health unit, went cold turkey and the five drugs she was on were cut off. Coming off one of these drugs is supposedly as bad as withdrawing from heroin, so imagine what it was like withdrawing from five drugs.

And all because she wasn’t handling her divorce well!

I’m mentioning this because, years ago, when I was doing Tarot readings in the UK, I did a Tarot reading for a lady and, looking at one of the cards in my Thoth Tarot deck, asked if she was unhappy or depressed. She told me she was being treated for depression and receiving much the same treatment as the lady above – a half-hour interview, drugs dispensed, come back next week, to repeat the process.  This psychiatrist was employed by the NHS so he had a grand little repeat income with no real work involved.

As I worked with this woman in the course of the short Tarot session, we tracked back to a tragic incident in her  younger days.  She couldn’t remember the day, time or year of the event and I told her that this was significant as I could remember when my  mother died down to the date and time. Somehow she masked her grief with a descent into depression. A depression which was being treated by a psychiatrist in a truly shoddy, shameful manner, but good for his back pocket and the drug company. And, with a bit of talking, care and compassion, I was able to track down the source of the depression but, unfortunately, wasn’t able to take things further. Hopefully, the reading gave the woman some insight and perhaps alternatives to continued medication.

I have also suffered depression, from the time I went to university at age 18 until well into my mid-forties.  I first had trouble when I went back to university after my first Christmas at home and got ulcers all over my mouth and then quinsy, a severe form of tonsillitis. This cleared up but I felt dog tired all the time although I was sleeping very long hours. I visited the university health service, was diagnosed with depression and put on tablets.Do a Little Dance

The first inkling I had that low self-esteem was involved was when I saw a psychologist in Australia in 1975.  The depression had reared its head again and luckily the doctor I was seeing was more interested in finding the root case rather than doling out drugs.  She sent me to a psychologist attached to the surgery and I realised that I’d internalised a very negative comment from a former boyfriend. She helped me understand and get over this.

But I still had flare-ups of depression until I saw a psychologist who told me he felt I was suffering from lack of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem. I was staggered when he told me this but he gave me some good books to read and talked me through techniques of cognitive therapy.

This all helped but I only realised, after my mum died, and I saw a psychologist to cope with her death, that I’d internalised to a deep level lack of self-esteem due to my father’s behaviour when I was a child, in my teens and into my adult years.  Once I realised this I never looked back. In fact, it opened up the gates for me to put depression behind me and unleash a creativity I never realised was lurking in my fearful, timid depths. Although on the surface I appeared confident and self-assertive, underneath I had no sense of being a powerful being.

Now that I’m an artist, writer, crystal worker and Tarot reader, I have no problems with depression at all.  I do get what is called “fog head” with fibromyalgia but I know the difference between something that can arise out of the blue, lurk for a few days and then vanish into the wide blue yonder, and the disabling depression I used to suffer when I was younger.

I realise there’s a great difference between the depression I suffered and the sort of depression which involves schizophrenia and other serious mental health challenges. BUT suppose we stopped labelling natural human emotions, such as grief, sorrow, pain, regrets, anger and so on, as emotional reactions requiring medication. Suppose instead we focused on the steps and paths towards a fully functioning human being who can handle life’s ups and downs in a constructive fashion instead of  being  rather a label dreamed up by pharmaceutical corporations and their allies in the medication profession.

Yes, you might be required to delve into why you’re not in balance, which sometimes can be quite painful as I found out. And it ain’t easy. It’s bloody hard work – I’m not one of the “If you think the right thoughts all will be well” brigade. It can be a hard road to hoe but ultimately incredibly rewarding because you get to create the opportunity to be full alive, to live life to the hilt, to explore what lights your heart and soul. And in the process we can all start creating a far healthier, happier, balanced society.

So remember, do things which help your inner light:

  • SING
  • LOVE
  • PLAY

Trick or Treat – Current Events via Music!

There’s chaos and rebellion in the air in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. So rather than add to all the commentaries around, I thought I’d comment by way of music:


For all the revolutionaries, creatives, thinkers-outside-of-the-box, people pissed off with lying politicians, fed up with huge profits for industrial and armaments conglomerates:

For those who are just plain confused and who are worried about what’s happening, two classics from The Beatles and George Harrison:

And, if you don’t like what’s being done in your name, stand up, get together with the great majority (and stuff whether they’re different colours, creeds or sexual orientation, we’re all the same under the skin) and CHANGE things!  You are the voice, the passion, the creator of change, subversion and revolution:

But remember – in love we stand united, in hate we fall divided:

Just to wind up, remember your own power (this is one of my favourite pieces of music at the present time):


Bolshie & Brazen – no more “Ism’s”


As you can see, I’ve been fiddling with the site name again, basically because the one I used previously was really long and over the top. I decided to  shorten it to “Warrior Woman” because someone commented on a post in Facebook and said they didn’t know my politics but liked my descriptive passion. This is what I said:

“Having seen the new ad by Nigel Farage, all I can say is that the man is a disgusting racist, using fear to promote his Brexit campaign, amid echos of Nazi propaganda about Jews, gypsies, the handicapped, trade union leaders. Farage is unfit for purpose and time those who oppose his disgusting policies stood up to oppose this smirking ratbag. Having seen those lined up for Brexit, I’m for Europe and staying in the EU. Playing little is no solution to problems with the EU, staying in, uniting with Greece, Portugal and Ireland to fight class war is far better than living on our knees under the disgraceful Farage and his cohorts.”

I sometimes dither about what I write but now I’ve decided I have to be and if I do rant on or preach, well, that’s who I am. I can’t be different to fit into someone’s mould of what a woman should be or write about or act. So I did decide, after reading the comment, that I like the idea of Warrior Woman, because I am passionate and militant and I don’t want to be associated with “ism’s” because they’re so limiting.  And “politics” is just so divisive and creaking of old age.  Surely we can do better!

Just to divert slightly, on July 2nd it will be the 20th anniversary since I broke my leg and ankle when I was living halfway up a mountain in south-east Queensland. I know the date as it was my father’s birthday. That date marked a complete break with my previous life where I’d been a member of the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) for 18 years as well as being Vice-Chair for quite a few years. I was immobilised and I knew I could no longer look backwards, I had to look forward to a completely new approach to how I live. Now more than half my life has been spent as an artist, crystal worker, Tarot reader, lover of nature and photographer. Quite a turn around, which is probably a bit of an understatement!

Since then I’ve been involved in metaphysical areas because, over the years, I’ve had more examples of life after death than you can poke a stick at and there’s no way I could ever be an atheist.  Nor, to return to the “ism” comment, do I ever want to be tied down again to a particular ideology which labels me as being of a particular political persuasion, bowing to majority opinion, because political structures these days are a hangover of patriarchal society. Politics seems to depend on who can debate best, who’s got the best charisma, who shouts loudest, how much money can be raised to buy elections, and how do you lie most efficiently to win an election which changes sod all basically.Oh, and don’t forget flogging armaments left, right and centre around the world regardless of the poor buggers getting blown to bits by those armaments.

But in this day and age, I don’t deny either that class war still exists – foisting the economic crisis of 2008 onto the backs of ordinary people under the guise of “austerity” while the billionaire bludgers get even more obscenely wealthy and the banks behind the crisis got off scot-free PLUS they were handed out billions in so-called “rescue” money.

WCorporate revolutione need to think of ways to organise against this horrible, horrible turning of the screws on so many sections of society to undermine the Establishment and set up alternative ways of running a compassionate, not a dog-eat-dog, society.

So I choose to be a freewheeling, feminist, independent, bugger-toeing-the-line warrior woman. My vision happens to be that I’m passionate about social justice and putting people before profits, building a society which is creative, encourages innovation, looks after people’s health and offers an education which encourages young people to be visionaries thinking outside the square.

That doesn’t mean I hate profits – it simply means that I happen to believe that people count and I think it’s bloody awful when shares go up after hundreds or thousands of people are sacked because the less money spent on providing people with a decent, living wage the more profits are made.

But I also happen to think that being in the Communist Party has some meaning in  my life. Why was I there?  What did I learn?  How does it colour what I am today?  Coupled with this is an involvement in the New Age movement, in fighting for peace, so how do the two mesh? Because I happen to believe they do mesh. Everything we do in life has some meaning and it’s up to us to sort it out and learn lessons from our experiences.

I don’t want to continue banging on today in this post, I’ll explain in more detail in my next post. But I do want to say that, coming to live in North Cyprus, where armed conflict waged until 1974, I’ve been forced to consider what peace, conflict and self-defence actually mean in practice, not just on paper And that’s it until my next post!





Green Frosted Vein Agate Bracelet

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Dreams & New Directions

bxccbghzplhcgsrasumofm.com Phoenix Rising 2

As you can see from the new title of this blog, the times they are a’changin’.

I’ve been pondering my direction for a while, but then a few days ago I had a really clear dream about the contents of my book – keeping the basics that I’ve done but expanding into visionary work of bringing to an end to greedy, materialist societies and the building of a new, kinder society, new ways of education, new ways of community, new ways of work, and subversion – building a new way of living which works within the ageing and creaking system of capitalism to replace it without trying to overthrow it because, basically, corporate capitalism is slowly self-immolating and it serves the cause of non-violence.

So I decided that I wanted to speak up on what matters to me – justice, compassion, love, honesty, kindness – which fits in with my dream of a new world order where people count, not profits. I have a vision of working to overcome the divisions between us which build walls between those who essentially have a  common good, and stare down the divisive tactics of those who want to hang on to power, mega-greed and utter, utter selfishness at the expense not only of humanity but this wonderful planet of ours.

And this revised, renewed blog is the result – dedicated to social justice, a new world order, fun and play in education for our kids, and visionaries who care, who create and who caper along the road less travelled to a future where we live fierce lives, love fantabulously and laugh furiously.

Am I a dreamer?  You bet. This world needs dreamers, visionaries, the eccentric, the gypsies – all those prepared to throw over the Establishment’s chains of austerity which, in reality, means dreariness, servitude to debt,  mindlessness, depression, and ever-increasing poverty while big business profits go unchallenged.

We can do better than this and we will – an unstoppable tidal wave of fierce warriors for a fierce, new society!


Blessed are the Gypsies

Astrology 9: Stars’R’Us

When I lived in a small village in the hills a small way from the coast in mid-north New South Wales, Australia, I often used to go out at night and just look at the sky. The stars were so bright they were like miniature suns in the sky. The Milky Way meandered across the indigo darkness like a scattering of glitter spread by some galactic being winging along on the great winds of the galaxy. There was a silence which wasn’t silence, just the resonance of the galaxy’s song.

And I never cease to be in awe at the wonder and might of the great, mysterious Universe in which we live. To gaze at the stars is to be reminded again and again that we are creation, creation is us, our song on earth is creativity, the stars are us as we create, they are part of our hearts and souls, and there is no separation in the galaxy at all, we are interwoven and inter-dependent, all sparks of light in a great cosmic thread.

So finally our journey through the planets winds to an end among the stars and yet, paradoxically, leads us to beginnings, because we are part of a great, unending dance with the stars and, of course, with beginnings as we are part of all and all is part of us. We are an integral part of a kaleidoscope of complex patterns which shift and form and reform in endless patterns with no past, future or now once we quit the Earth’s limited perspective of time.

So how does the energy of the stars work with our hearts and souls? Although I’d like to wind up with the usual patterns of body, mind, emotions, heart, soul and spirit, I’m being driven intuitively to simply say: we are creation and so is the wonderful planet on which we live, complete with crystals, stones, earth, water, sentient beings.

The essence of our beings is creation and creativity. We are here on earth, as star beings, to bring creativity to life on earth – however our individual song sings to us – to lead us back to the ultimate force of creation – love.

In this perspective, we are indivisable – we become whole when we understand that we are the stars and they are us. Love is our essence and the stars are love – the great love of creation sweeping around us. That’s why the stars call to us at unknown levels when we look up at them at night-time – we know we come from them and that, ultimately, we will return to them.

And just as we are whole, so too is Mother Earth when we walk, dance, sing and fly with the energy of the stars. Planet Earth speaks so much to all of us through the beauty and energies of stones, rocks and crystals. All of these speak with the voice of the stars to guide us to Love. When we re-join with the stars, we know intuitively that every energetic being here on earth resonates with the stars and every aspect of our being –  our wholeness and creation.

We are guided to wholeness when we open our hearts to listen to the Grace of Earth energies.  In their guidance we are led back through our heart, the window of our souls, to our souls and to the star essence in our souls. Mother Earth and her gifted being hold us in their hearts on our earth journey. They ground us. They lead us back to the knowing that Mother Earth is part of us, is part of creation, is love incarnate. Yet they lead us back to the infinite wisdom that we are indeed infinite ourselves as are all the earth energies dancing with joy with us.

Death is the next big adventure as we leave our earthly bodies and return to the stars. And when we return to the stars, we are them, they are us, and still we are also the Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron and Sedna.

That’s it, folks, our journey is over yet is now repeating itself as part of a never-ending spiral of love, love and more love. I wish you all a wonderful journey among the stars, may you shine bright on Mother Earth and just as brightly among the stars on your journey over the Rainbow Bridge to the stars and the infinity of the Universe.

Astrology 8: Sedna


Sedna is the latest planet to be discovered, on November 14th, 2003, just over a year before the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent hugely destructive tsunamis. She dwells in a remote region of space and is extremely cold while being a beautiful deep red colour. Sedna is the largest and most outlying body discovered since 1930.

Sedna to me relates to the rise of the feminine in the world today, our respect for the oceans and our commitment to protecting the waters and their inhabitants which are under so much pressure from human activity.

Sedna is named after the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic seas. This goddess lives in the icy depths of Adlivun, the Arctic underworld beneath the sea. How she came to dwell here and become a goddess of the oceans is told in various myths, but they generally include the fact that Sedna was a beautiful young woman who refused to marry the various suitors her father produced for her and wanted her to marry. One suitor, enraged by her rejection, presented her with a dog since she was so fussy. She subsequently developed a close, loving relationship with the dog with whom she had both puppies and human children. The dog cared most tenderly for his family. However, her father was infuriated by this union and ensured that the dog drowned while it was returning with food for his family.

The legend holds that, when a mysterious man arrived dressed in very fine skins and feathers, Sedna’s father finally forced her to marry him. The stranger carried her away but when they arrived at his destination, she found in fact that he was a Fulmar, a dangerous bird spirit living on an isolated island. He provided her with minimal food, fish only, and no warmth or love. Sedna called out her distress at this treatment and ultimately her father heard her. Overcome with remorse, he sailed his kayak to save her, carrying her off when the Fulmar was off hunting. When the Fulmar became aware of what was happening, he pursued the kayak with other birds of his spirit family and they stirred up a huge storm to overpower the kayak. In fear, the father threw Sedna overboard and, when she tried to get back into the kayak, cut off her frozen fingers one by one. As her fingers sank, they became seals, fish, dolphins, walruses, whales and polar bears.

Sedna sank below the waves and finally came to rest on the sea floor where she was reunited with her faithful canine husband. There she is reborn as a goddess, rewarding those who live in right relationship with the oceans and continents of Mother Earth, and ensuring they receive the food they need to live comfortably. However, if they forget this right relationship and abuse the creatures of the depths and land, Sedna withdraws her beneficence and creates huge storms, tsunamis, hurricanes and other forms of oceanic mayhem. She can only be placated by a shaman carrying out a shamanic journey to dive into the depths where she dwells on the ocean floor to make amends and return to right relationship with this goddess of life, death and redemption. Legend also holds that Sedna’s father ultimately kills himself in grief and guilt at his betrayal of his daughter.

Now why would the person who discovered this latest galactic spirit turn to Sedna to name his discovery? Perhaps because the intense cold and distance reminded him of the bitter cold in the Arctic depths where Sedna dwells. But interestingly in astrological terms, planets usually emerge into full view at certain times in our history and get named synchronistically, where the person naming that galactic spirit consciously recognized this or not. Thus the names of planets, planetoids and asteroids often end up resonating with developments in humanity on earth, whether in our conscious or unconscious awareness.

And Sedna is no exception. This goddess is primordial, created not by the gods or goddesses themselves, but by the actions of a human being and by the subsequent veneration of human beings. This planet resonates with being both victim and victimiser, disempowerment and empowerment, the power of the Divine Feminine, matriarchal and patriarchal relationships, father/daughter/family relationships, betrayal, redemption and spiritual rediscovery of Divinity within all elements of the Universe. Sedna accompanies us through our heart centre to our deepest emotional depths, she understands the turmoil this produces but she is the impartial witness to our courage in descending into the depths and to our lightness when we release inner dissonance. She makes no judgement of us, only lights the way for us to judge what is right and wrong and to release that which no longer serves our – and the universe’s – greater good.

Coming to grips with the energy of Sedna has actually had me tearing my hair out as superficially the story comes across as her being a rather silly, selfish, picky young woman, looking for a soft, pleasant life. You feel like you want to tell her get off her backside and bop her father over the head with an axe for trying to marry her off to any old bloke that turns up seeking her hand in marriage (hand being the operative word since hers get chopped off in the end). Similarly with the Fulmar, her best bet would have been to knock him off with a huge icicle, cut off his wings, fix them to herself and fly away from her icy prison. And when she swims back to the kayak, you rather wish she’d seize one of the paddles, whack her father in the crown jewels and hurl him overboard while she scrambles back on board. Yet there are indications of depths which the usual versions of Sedna’s journey to goddess-dom gloss over, including her relationship with her dog husband which shows a glimmering of an independent attitude.

Yet ultimately Sedna is the Justice of the oceans of the world – in her impartial judgement we stand in nourishment and fulfillment when we live in right relationship with Mother Earth and all things universal; and when we move out of that right relationship with Mother Earth, Sedna punishes us with the wrath of the oceans, whether storms, hurricanes, rain, floods or tsunamis. She is the call to us to know deep within us what is right and wrong and to make right choices; to empower ourselves, to make right decisions in following our song and our path on earth; to stand up for our beliefs, to return to right relationship with all things universal. Her lesson is that we are not individuals, we are part of the collective, inter-twined with everything and when we take action which does not synchronise with our soul, we create dissonance for all things. Sedna demands great responsibility from us, and in finding her strength and destiny, she points from the very depths the sword of justice which points towards our own highest journey. Ours is the choice to take that journey or not.


Recognition of the Divine in all; free will; victim; victimiser; rescuer; disempowerment; father/daughter relationship; empowerment; survivor; power; respect for life; right relationship with ocean and land life; daughter/woman/crone; family abuse; spiritual growth; being true to ourselves and our dreams; loyalty; individuality; justice; impartial judgment; abandonment; salvation; resilience; protection; caring; turmoil; peace; upheaval, detachment.

Body: Distance from human body; nourishment; starvation; lushness; dexterity; clumsiness; strength; weakness, ebb and flow; death; rebirth; tension; relaxation; self-love; grounding; being present.
Crystals: Goddess Stone; Turritella Agate; Bloodstone; Goddess Stone; Lavender Rose
Quartz; Shiva Lingham stone; Witch’s Finger Quartz.

Mind: Stubbornness; hope; despair; impartiality; right thinking; optimism; focus; pessimism; strength; right choices; self-empowerment, maturity; independence; depression.
Crystals: Amblygonite; Vanadinite; Chiastolite; Earth Angel; Bloodstone; Ochre; Singing Shaman Calcite


Sorrow; grief; happiness; hate; release; trust, compassion, detachment, love of all things.
Crystals: Ruby in Zoisite; Azurite-Malachite; Black Tourmaline; Blue Chalcedony; Sea Quartz; Ocean Jasper.


Forgiveness; Unconditional Love; Dispassionate Justice; Understanding; Knowing; Surrender.
Crystals: Pink & White (Strawberry) Calcite; Mother’s Heart; Madagascan Rhodonite; Pezzotaite; Covellite; Herkimer Diamond.


Forgiveness; understanding; empowerment; inter-connectedness of all, sacrifice.
Crystals: Dioptase; Ruby; Larimar; Amazonite; Azurite crystals; Papagoite; Apophyllite

Spirit: Immortality; Ancestral heritage; Ancestors
Crystals: Shattuckite; Chrysocolla; Plancheite; Plum Quartz; Clear Quartz; Labradorite; Selenite

Sedna is an interesting journey – on the surface this looks like victimhood but in its depths it’s the journey to empowerment through choosing right over wrong, love over hate, connection over separation, love of all over love of self only, resonance with our emotions and with the watery depths which make up so much of our beautiful Mother Earth.

Astrology 7: Chiron


Chiron isn’t strictly a planet, but a planetoid. It was discovered in 1977 and became known as The Wounded Healer in astrological terms due to its association with Chiron, the Centaur. This mythological figure was half human, half horse and became a skilled healer and teacher. His father was Zeus and Chiron was immortal by virtue of this association. But, when he dropped a poisoned arrow as he was handing it to a student and it pierced his leg, he was unable to be healed due to the fact that he could not die. He prayed to the gods to let him die and be released from the terrible pain he was suffering. In gratitude for his teachings, they let Chiron die and placed him in the sky.

How does this relate to us? Chiron talks of life and death. Our walk in life is one of wounded- ness, passages of healing, a return to Spirit and of our return to life after Death – the next great adventure. We never die, we simply depart from our physical bodies, with thanks for its help during our earthly walk, and move to another dimension of our soul wisdom. We live on in ways which are unimaginable from our limited earthly perspective.

In our lives we all have experiences of wounding, whether we acknowledge it or not. We are disconnected from our ancestral roots. We are disconnected from Mother Earth. We are disconnected from our families as family and society breakdown occurs. On our planet at present, we can see the toxic evidence of this wounding in violence, unhappiness, intolerance, disharmony, dissonance, starvation in Third World countries, weight problems in Western countries, wars and, in countries like America, Australia and the UK, all this despite relative
affluence. Material wealth does not equal happiness. So what does?

Chiron was discovered at a time when there was a resurgence in holistic healing – delving to the roots of our pain instead of relying on allopathic medicine which all too often masks the cause of our pain (although that is not to downgrade the assistance allopathic medicine can offer us). It is also instructive to consider what we were doing in 1977 and what was happening in our
lives when this planetary influence and its inter-connection with ourselves chose to make themselves known.

Healing is far more than a quick fix for the physical body. When we are out of alignment with our hearts, soul and the spirit of our dance on Earth, we reflect this in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony. Healing requires delving deep within, being open to the pain of wounding and the release of that pain – not through our heads, but through our hearts. To journey to pain through our hearts requires courage and perseverance, the ability to feel pain, to acknowledge it, to recognise it as a part of ourselves, to embrace that pain and accept it, to ultimately release it and offer it to the gods for healing as Chiron did. And of course, the gods respond – not perhaps the gods and goddesses of Rome or Athens, but the gods of human beings, the Stone Elders; Mother Earth; the Green Elders; the Star Beings; Spirit. We have connections and songlines with every aspect of universal energy which work with us to heal our woundedness. We are the stone spirits; we are the green spirits; we are Mother Earth; we are the Planetary spirits; we are the stellar spirits. We are indivisible from the all-pervasive, unconditional love of the Universe which permeates everything in this and other galaxies. And all of these stand ready to offer us assistance as we walk our talk, talk our walk. All we need to say is: “Help me!”

Chiron energy actually offers us a bright light to illuminate our spiritual journey by returning to our hearts and our souls, to our community of spirit, to open up to all avenues of healing which step forward to offer us help. Being able to accept help is a key ingredient of Chiron – he asked for help from the gods when he was wounded and his cry was heard and answered. In today’s
society, too often we are offered the perspective of “I”, or the individual, as opposed to “we” and the collective. And we are the poorer for the model of living which sees us as separate instead of part of the greater whole. When we embrace healing, we radiate it to others, whether we take the path of healing work or simply living with love, forgiveness and compassion in our daily lives.

My own feeling is that ALL stone spirits relate to Chiron, but below are some of those I caretake who have stepped forward to offer their services. I have to say I am always interested in their choice of placement. My head often tells me to place a stone spirit where I think it ought to go, but the spirit is quite firm in going to an area my head would never consider. I always go by the
direction a stone spirit gives my heart.

Collective wisdom; healing of the spirit; disability; ability; pain; renewal; balance; acceptance; giving; receiving; ancestral roots; community roots; earth healing; rootedness in Mother Earth; wisdom; finding one’s path in life; feeling lost; patience; tolerance; impatience; aloneness; solitude; disconnection; connection; woundedness; soul retrieval.

Body: Balance; listening; pain; dissonance; rigidity; release; tenderness; sensitivity; discord; accord; connection.
Crystals: Green fluorite; Earth Mama; Goddess Stone; Red Jasper; Tube Jasper; Bull Canyon Tube Jasper; Fairy Stone Concretions; Bloodstone; Brecciated Jasper


Muddle-headedness; stubbornness; openness; headaches; clarity of thought and intention; disconnection; schizophrenia; aimlessness; purpose.
Crystals: Ajoite; Papagoite; Vera Cruz Amethyst; Amber; Watermelon Tourmaline; Blue Lace Agate; Galaxyite; Astrophyllite


Rootlessness; lack of nurturing; heart dissonance; circulation problems; coldness; warmth; compassion; tolerance; intolerance; hard-heartedness.
Crystals: Larimar; Rose Quartz Elestial; Peruvian Rhodochrosite Crystals; Gwindel Quartz; Cuprite; Peridot; Earth Angel


Songlines; wisdom; truth; unconditional love; compassion; humility.
Crystals: Purpurite; Papagoite; Namibian Rose Quartz; Chiastolite; Angelite; Stigmata


Great Spirit; forgiveness; love; timelessness; infinity.
Crystals: Pipestone; Pink Danburite; Girasol; Faden Quartz; Citrine; Tibetan Quartz; Chiastolite; Seraphinite.

This dance with Chiron has been prolonged. The big lesson for me has been introspection; patience; listening; understanding. Healing is not a process which can be run to order from the head. It requires openness and a willingness to wait until the healing gates open in their own sweet time and in their own sweet way. I hope the gates of healing swing open for you all as and when you need them. And I know that you will have the wisdom and courage to walk through them to the healing light shining for you on the other side of the gateway.

Astrology 6: Neptune & Pluto


I have a small set of cards which I bought years ago on which are reflective words such as “Love”, “Detachment”, “Wisdom”, etc., and I pull out one of these cards first thing in the morning to ponder and reflect over the word that emerges and see its relationship to my daily life.

When I started moving towards reflection on Neptune, I kept pulling out “Humility”. It helped me realize that “humility” is the catchphrase for Neptune because it is an energy which leads us into Divinity. Here we lose our attachment to ego and earthly desires and connect with the unknown. We encounter submergence – submission, submersion, transcendence – a sinking below the waves of earthly desires to surrender to the Light within and to co-dance with the Light of The Beloved.

This helped me understand Neptunian energy better as it was a bit like wrestling with a shapeshifter to start with, to grapple with an elusive illusion which slipped away like a dream does in the morning when we awaken and forget the visions of the night as soon as we open our eyes. You can’t pin Neptune down, it is a nebulous energy which permeates all aspects of our being and pulls us towards union with The Great Mystery and release of the illusion of separation.

Neptune calls us to a spiritual death, to leave our old path of ego and control, to let go of that which is no longer of use to our spiritual journey, and to start afresh with practical mysticism to truly feed and nourish our hearts and souls. Just remember too though that Neptune can also lead to illusion, deception and deceit as it casts mists around the truth and can lead us into the whirlpools of wishful thinking rather than clarity of vision.

Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the sun and spends roughly 14 years in each astrological house. It has been transiting Aquarius since 1998 and completes this transit in 2012. So the energy of this planet plays out slowly in our consciousness and influences generations due to its long-lasting and profound effects. Thus at present there has been an upsurge in interest in spiritual matters, for freedom, equality and for peace, and in taking responsibility for our own power and recognizing that Divine Light is in everything and everyone on and within Mother Earth. Neptune inspires us to open our hearts and embrace compassion and humanity as a whole.

Some of this spiritual searching is disconnected from the Earth, ungrounded if you will. This represents Neptune’s energies of illusion, and so is impractical and inspired by wishful thinking and ego, an example of the negative effects of Neptune, but nevertheless a search for higher understanding. Conversely, we are also witnessing the misuse of power, the surrender of power, feelings of powerlessness, turning off, sedation through the glitz and glamour of TV, celebrity cults, etc, closed hearts in relation to the people of other nations, and so on. We are imbalanced when we try to control our world and other people. We are in balance when we release control, allow the flow of universal energy and recognize that none of us can be the Pied Piper for other people, they have their own path to walk as we have ours. We can do this when we surrender to Divine Love and realize that we are an incontrovertible part of the great Web of the Universe as are all other energies in the galaxy.

Neptune is the 10th planet in our solar system, one which to me, numerologically, relates to the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new: 1+ 0 = 1. The sign of the God of the Sea represents the metamorphosis from the cycle we’ve experienced in the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus to the spiral of illumination, transcendence, enlightenment, expanding
our consciousness into a graceful, spirit dance with All That Is. Conversely of course, we may seek to avoid the Grand Vision of Neptune by turning to delusion, fantasy, aimlessness, seeking a high in drug addiction, to feed our earthly desires rather than surrender to Great Spirit.

However, for me, I don’t see Neptune carrying his trident just as an ornament – it’s to poke us into an awareness based on our connection with Mother Earth and not an awareness which is off into the wide, blue yonder capable of stuff all without the grounding of connection with the Mother who nurtures us. Neptune, through the oceans he rules, allows us to dive into submergence of the watery depths of emotion, inspiration, dreams and vision while ensuring we are capable of walking our walk and talking our talk on our life’s journey.

When this beautiful, blue, mysterious, giant planet way out in the Universe moves into retrograde mode – where its orbit in relation to Earth’s orbit makes it look as if it is going backwards – Neptune asks us to enjoy slowness and mystic envisioning – to reflect upon the preceding period and to consider how we have followed our dreams and visions. It is a time to embrace your dreams, visions, inspiration, creativity and artistic inspiration.

For me, the stone spirits of Larimar, Chrysocolla, Papagoite, Fairy Stone Concretions, Aquamarine and Amazonite embody Neptune’s subtle, swirling energies where we can let go, submerge ourselves in All That Is and trance dance with inspiration and The Great Mystery. Of all these planets, when we consider Neptune, I feel we each of us need to listen to its energies to bring forth the dance of inspiration with those stone spirits which are waiting to hold us by the hand and warm our hearts as we soar into Neptune’s spiritual spiral.


Transcendence; illusion; inspiration; vision; dreaming; glitz; glamour; smoke and mirrors; enlightenment; submission; humility, ego, addictions – drugs, shopping, etc; mystical experience; subconsciousness; visions; ungroundedness; delusion; faith; trust; hope; hunches; supernatural; occult; creative artistry; idealism; philanthropy; selfishness; hoarding; bondage; freedom.

Body: Addictions; out of body; movement; dance; yoga; purposeful action; shapeshifting; directionless; lack of boundaries; healthy boundaries.

Crystals: Black Tourmaline; Jet; Pink & White Calcite; Green Tourmaline; Chrysanthemum Stone; Red Jasper; Pietersite.

Mind: Inspiration; vision; artistic inspiration; procrastination; hypochondria, schizophrenia; insanity; delusion; wishful thinking; spiritual purpose & focus; emptiness as in Zen meditation; occult.
Crystals: Clear Fluorite; Kimberlite; Turitella Agate; Carnelian; Turquoise; Inca Jade; Congolese Gwindel Faden.


Bliss; depression; euphoria; black mood; disillusionment; happiness; deception; fog.
Crystals: Blue Vivianite; Mother’s Heart; Watermelon Tourmaline; Pearl; Opal.

Heart: Love; openness; embrace of all; fear; surrender to the Divine; sensitivity; resistance; separation; healing; release; sacrifice; identification with humanity as a whole; release of ego.
Crystals: Plum Quartz; Brandberg Amethyst; Dioptase; Peruvian Rhodochrosite Crystals; Papagoite; Malachite.


Transcendence; connection with the Divine; connection to the Great Mystery

Crystals: Elestial Quartz; Scolecite; Staurolite; Fairy Stone Concretions; Pezzotaite; White Spirit Quartz


Love; mystery; trust; faith; hope; surrender; submergence.
Crystals: Blue Hemimorphite; Plancheite; Lapis Lazuli; Angelite; Amazonite; Azurite; Petalite.

That’s it for Neptune, folks. I invite you to climb onto a high diving board, take a deep breath and dive into the depths of Neptune to swim and dive with the dolphins, whales and other watery creatures to submerge yourself in vision, ecstasy and dreaming. But as you frolic in the watery depths, keep your eyes open for the caverns and canyons of Mother Earth below the waves so you keep grounded and practical as well as inspired and visionary.

Pluto is all about our shadow selves, our fears, our deepest held prejudices, our negative beliefs about ourselves – all the so-called junk we stuff down and pretend doesn’t exist within us. Having flung ourselves into the Universe with Neptune, embracing our intuition and creativity, we collide with all the deeply held shadow side and fears which hold us back and which we need to embrace before we can move forward into the wholeness of our inner light. Often the Underworld is truly hidden from our gaze, the release of the shadows from our subconscious is often accompanied by massive dislocation, upset and upheaval as the tsunami of release hits our conscious shores.

More than that, we are called to embrace the past in the form of our Ancestors – to re-connect with them, to surrender to their loving assistance and kindness, to reconnect with our ancestral heritage and live with our roots deep into where we came from spiritually speaking and deep within where we are now – co-habiting with Mother Earth and all other sentient beings here and in the wider Universe.

I found it interesting that a while back astronomers junked Pluto as a planet, saying it wasn’t a “real” planet. Hmmmm. This to me is a reflection of our desires not to go into the Underworld of ourselves – whether internally or externally – and face up to what we consider the “not so nice” bits and pieces. This dumping of Pluto as a planet came about at a time when we are facing global warming, global warfare, social dislocation, and so much more chaos in various places. We are being called to powerlessness by appeals to fear and hatred around the world. In this respect, let’s remember that Pluto was discovered in 1930 when the world started lurching towards the Plutonian energy of Hitler and people giving their power away to one individual and not taking responsibility for their own actions.

Yet this planet is about light and dark, good and bad, peace and war and yes, our own inner conflict with all these aspects which are reflected in the outer world. Unlike in earlier times where resistance to Hitler was slow to manifest, the use of Plutonian power now – regardless of where it manifests – is being met with people reclaiming their power and refusing to kneel at the altar of fear and ignorance. The world – through the vast advances in communication systems – is a much smaller place and powerfulness is nurtured by our growing awareness not just of facilities such as the Internet but of our interconnection not as citizens of individual countries but as beings of light connected to the magnificent web of love permeating every atom of our beloved Universe.

This is not just in the external world. Within we internalise fears from our childhood and later life, all the judgements we make about ourselves or the judgments of others we’ve taken on board. In doing so, we disrupt our own glimmer of light in the galactic web. We’re meant to shine brightly as a meaningful link in this web. As such, Pluto is a clarion call to embrace our own power wherever we are in the inner and outer worlds, whether in big or small ways. Ignore Pluto at your peril!

Pluto to me is characterised by The Tower in the Tarot, the point where, in order to advance, you need to let go or be forced into letting go – to de-construct yourself, surrender to the forces of upheaval and disruption, of digging deep into the shadowy depths, of acknowledging your fears, bringing them into the light to face them, and re-constructing yourself as the next step into the spiral of growth that is just beginning. It’s much like people who’ve lost all their possessions in a fire – they emerge with nothing in material terms but with a clean slate and with the amazing knowledge that they are alive, with no baggage, embarking on a life which has – literally – been cleansed by fire.

It’s no surprise that plutonium is part of the nuclear energy cycle which is so massively explosive. Pluto explodes into our lives to crunch us, chew us up, urge us to give up our bones free of the flesh which conceals them, get cleansed by the vultures of the light and dawn and day, and emerge afresh, sparkling clean, eyes bright, ready to prance down the Yellow Brick Road on our path to greater treasures waiting to be revealed.

To return to the world situation, for example, Plutonian energies as exercised by someone such as Hitler in general generate awareness not of giving one’s power away but taking one’s power back to stand in one’s own sense of ethics, justice and responsibility. So as darkness and chaos seem to reign, the other side of the coin is the upsurge in interest and awareness of healing the earth, working with compassion and tolerance, working for peace, organising to live lightly with this wonderful Mother Earth that supports us so wonderfully.

In hauling our shadow side to view, in helping us embrace all aspects of ourselves and integrating them into a Greater Whole, Pluto opens the way for the loss of attachment, of deep surrender to our own particular path and to the Song of the Universe chanting through our hearts and soul, to transformation and release. We are all the lighter for plunging into Plutonic energies, descending into the Underworld for deconstruction and then surfacing again for reconstruction in a world free of our fears and limitations, and welcoming us just as we are – us as unique, whole, integrated individuals with hopes, fears, light, dark, brightness, shadow, wonderful beings with eyes alight with awe and wonder as we see the Yellow Brick Road sparkling ahead of us leading us on to more mystery, adventure and soul evolution.

Underworld; shadows; disruption; pain; fear; deconstruction; reconstruction; mystery; release; transformation; cleansing; liberation; power; powerlessness; domination; abuse; self-empowerment; abuse of power; right use of power; unseen; sacred; subconscious; death (metaphoric); rebirth; suffering; depression; optimism; destruction; restriction; gateways; crossroads; sense of direction.

Body: Headaches; illness; nausea; pain; tension; loosening up; energy; lethargy, exercise; new health patterns.
Crystals: Wulfenite, Dogtooth Calcite; Morion Quartz; Black Melanite Garnet; Namibian Rose Quartz.

Mind: Resistance; turmoil; clogged up; foghead; clarity; direction; manipulation; obsession; decadance; serenity.
Crystals: Aurora Borealis Marble; Dreamweaver; Arkansas Shaman Stone; Wah Wah Amethyst Crystal.


Depression; Dark Night of the Soul; detachment; manipulation; optimism; brightness; emotional release, joy, honesty.
Crystals: Smoky Quartz with rainbows; Singing Shaman Calcite; Pink Pollucite

Heart: Confidence; meanness; hate; love; consideration; empowering others; support; bringing the sacred to light on earth; mutli-dimensional galaxy.
Crystals: Galaxyite; Green Fluorite; Fulgurite; Emerald Green Calcite; Garnet; Smoky quartz with rainbows; Starburst Nebula Stone


Transformation; Love; Fearlessness; Courage
Crystals: Covellite; Metamorphosis Quartz; Libyan Desert Glass; Moldavite.
Spirit: The Power of Spirit; Alignment with Highest Good; Sanctity; Blessedness; Ancestral Links.
Crystals: Blue Kyanite; Metamorphosis Quartz; Proustite; Bolivian Blue Danburite.

That’s it for Pluto, folks. Good luck with your descent into the Underworld whenever it manifests, as it surely will. But just remember – the journey back to the Light makes it all worth while.

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