Animated dancing cat e-mailI thought about how to organise the posts for my book, The Crazy Crone – Living a Wild & Wondrous life, and finally decided that I would simply number each post at the end of the title rather than trying to get chapters organised.

In this way, although a number of posts would make up a chapter, it’s an easier way to work through the material and pick on any one area of interest to you if you don’t want to read the whole kit and caboodle.

On the subject of reading your way right through – if you feel drawn to follow this path, thank you, and I hope you enjoy what I’m writing. Also thank you for your patience as I work my way through all the material I want to include.

If you don’t feel the book is quite right for you, that’s fine too. I’ve started many books which I haven’t finished because I wasn’t interested in the whole deal. But at times I found a nugget of interest which has been useful to me.

So if you find something helpful and move on to fresh pastures, good luck with your journey and may your path less travelled provide you as many adventures as you need.

Good luck to all of you who find your way to this blog. Please feel free to comment or ask questions, the more who contribute to a journey I want to share with as many of you as possible, the better.

4 responses

  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for your craft and the inspiration it brings me.

    Click Here for My VBA Nominations

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    1. Wow, Rita, what a wonderful surprise, thank you so much. This has come at the end of a day when I’ve been tearing my hair out trying to get the internet up and running, really frustrating, so your message has cheered me up no end!


  2. Dear Crone, I’ve just discovered your blog, while reading one of my reader’s blogs. Isn’t this blogging game so incredible. I wish I had discovered it many years ago but, possibly, nobody had invented it then, and my life was too entangled. But, now, I’m here, with help from Spirit, my spirit teacher. I know, I find trouble believing it, too, and I’m experiencing posting His blogs, with my input for comic relief, perhaps.
    But, on the subject of organizing posts. I really need to do that and hardly know how to begin. Spirit tells me there will be three books, and there are three blogs, so, my simple thinking …
    Whatever will happen, will happen.
    I have never been to the Mediterranean, but I have read Greek mythology, and, perhaps some day, if I live long enough.
    I have been to the South Pacific on a small boat (definitely not a yacht), and it was breathtakenly beautiful, and deadly dangerous, as well.,
    But, now, my home is Vancouver, even though I wasn’t born within 3000 miles of this beautiful city. I jumped ship in Tahiti to fly home, even though we had sold home and all else to live His dream. He seemed to need it and I have no regrets. After 33 years together, everyone thought I had lost my senses, but I now know that it was my time to follow a unique path, seeking enlightenment, and, as my bio tells it true, without a clear road map, unless Spirit is hiding it from me, for whatever reason..
    Sorry for running on, I easily get off track. Your organizing of posts really interests me. Perhaps numbering each one is a beginning, and then to sort them into piles, as in Sesame Street; these go together and those do not?
    I’m almost ready to do it. All I need is nerve.
    Wish my luck, and I do the same. Go get that book.


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Jean. Yes, the internet is a wonderful invention, brings so many people into contact who otherwise would never have known each other. I organised my blog into numbers so that people could follow the logical progression of posts – although I have been somewhat erratic in the timeline. I’m sure you’ll be able to work out how to post your work and get it organised – good luck and all the best to you. Mo


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