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Trick or Treat – Current Events via Music!

There’s chaos and rebellion in the air in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. So rather than add to all the commentaries around, I thought I’d comment by way of music:


For all the revolutionaries, creatives, thinkers-outside-of-the-box, people pissed off with lying politicians, fed up with huge profits for industrial and armaments conglomerates:

For those who are just plain confused and who are worried about what’s happening, two classics from The Beatles and George Harrison:

And, if you don’t like what’s being done in your name, stand up, get together with the great majority (and stuff whether they’re different colours, creeds or sexual orientation, we’re all the same under the skin) and CHANGE things!  You are the voice, the passion, the creator of change, subversion and revolution:

But remember – in love we stand united, in hate we fall divided:

Just to wind up, remember your own power (this is one of my favourite pieces of music at the present time):


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