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Wheel Turning

Wheel Turning

I created the original painting in acrylic when I was living on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. A while back I felt the  urge to revisit it, and added some turquoise coloured stones in the corners and a circle of turqoise coloured chips complete with a dash of glitter. Then I added some fabric purple flowers with Swarovski crystals in the centre.

And this represents the turning of the wheel in the next part of my life.

There’s been a slight hiatus in my work on this blog due to the intense heatwave we’ve been experiencing here in North Cyprus since virtually the beginning of July – temperatures up around 37-40C (98-103F) every day with high humidity.

I get quite ill in these conditions and, as I’ve had heatstroke twice and did a merry dance very close the Pearly Gates the second time, I have no wish to experience that again. It does mean that, for virtually two months each summer, I am confined to our apartment as the heat hits me very hard and very fast, and it’s quite dangerous for me to be in the open sun as I’ve got older.

So this current bout of heat and humidity has  has convinced me and my husband (reluctantly as we do live it here in North Cyprus) that the Geriatric Gypsies had better get the old moving caravan out again and dusted down.  We were dithering about where to move to when I woke in the night and a voice said “Ireland” which sounds quite good. My husband agreed the next day and so, when the heat dies down, we’ll clean up our apartment and put it on the market.

Next stop: Eire.  We have no idea where we are heading, which is a little bit challenging given we’ll be taking three dogs with us. But never say die. Or to be somewhat more positive: “Onward and upwards, teacups!”.

What this space for further developments in the continuing Crazy Crone’s Wild & Adenturous Life – b’gosh and begorrah, now dancing around with a pint of Guinness in my hand and practising my Irish step dancing!


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