This book is dedicated to all my wonderful friends around the world who, in their love, support and courage, show that there are no limits on time and space on this wonderful Earth on which we live.

I’m also grateful to those friends who have continued to be around for me despite my various obsessions, changes of direction and general eccentricity. Thank you for your support, good-humour, love and tolerance.

Friend blessingI also give most grateful thanks to all those who’ve attended my courses or given me feedback on my writings and art. I honour you all for your gutsiness, your humour and your resilience. You are true heroes. 

  And big accolades to my best friend, my husband, Bryan. That he has managed to hang around for 36 years and cope with my weirdness, flights of fancy, whacko ideas and general untidiness is a miracle for which I feel gratitude every day. He grabs my feet when I float off into the never-never, keeps me grounded,and is the love of my life who has shown me the power of enduring passion and love in my life.

 I would also like to thank the kind folks at Astrograph Astrology whose astrology programme I use and who willingly gave me permission to reproduce excerpts from their natal and transit reports.  It was so long ago they’ve probably forgotten, but I have finally fulfilled my plans for a book so they get their accolade rather late than never!

Their great work, which makes life so much easier for self-taught astrology students like myself, can be found at:




5 responses

  1. You and your blog have been nominated for Dragon’s Loyalty Award.


  2. Thank you very much, i do so appreciate your award, another birthday prezzie – it’s not my birthday but I regard awards as birthday prezzies through the year!


  3. I nominate you for a Very Inspiring blog award. If you have no time for this, it is OK, no worries. I just want the other bloggers to know about your wonderful blog. Thank you for your great work! 🙂


    1. Thank you very much – I actually have a couple of awards outstanding but now it’s cooler I’m more able to process them, don’t feel quite so addled by the heat. And thank you for your lovely comments, they are so very much appreciated.

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      1. You are welcome! I love to read your blog even if I not always comment on it . 🙂


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