Standing Rock Vigil


This piece of digital art was created from a close-up of the patterns on one of my turquoise pendants. It illustrates the power of water, the hidden energy and its importance in sustaining life on this planet.

I created this image as part of standing in solidarity today with those protestors at Standing Rock, Dakota, defending sacred land and clean water from the pollution of an oil pipeline through their wildlands.

I also wore a dress of green and black – green for the lushness of the earth, black for the dirt beneath the sacred land – as well as a larimar pendant (larimar is associated with water energy) and a light green turquoise pendant, again to represent the green of the land.

I also created an energy mandala with a base of a turquoise scarf for water; a green vase (again for water) filled with small stones from river beds and topped with rose petals and heart shapes for the love and support people around the world are sending the Sioux people defending their sacred territory.

In front of the green vase is a rain stick to invoke rain and cleansing of the area; in the centre is a Cave Pearl, formed when calcite drops onto the surface of water in caves and then drops to the bottom of the water as the calcite deposits form an ever heavier ball (these cave pearls are collected by Native Americans under licence). Behind the Cave Pearl is a crystal of chrysocolla, for me the rock of the goddess Aphrodite who rose from the sea south of the island of Cyprus where I live.

The Cave Pearl is standing on a photo of a bison to celebrate and acknowledge the sudden and unexpected arrival of a herd of bison at Standing Rock. On the left corner is a Peruvian turquoise stone with the rune marking Kano, representing opening/new opportunities; on the right-hand corner is a fossilised whale inner ear bone to represent the energies of the seas from time immemorial to time immemorial.

At each side of the cave pearl are rune stones, collected from a magical cove on the north-east coast of Scotland and full of Fae energy. I painted the runes myself and on the left, top to bottom, are: Uruz for strength; Peorth for initiation, the unknown; Algiz for protection. on the right are: Kano, for opening, opportunity; Dagaz for breakthrough, and Teiwaz, warrior.

standing-rock-energy-mandalaI also created an additional image for the energy mandala, it felt like it represented the undercurrents of what is happening, and the magic supporting the protestors, even if it isn’t immediately visible.


2 responses

  1. May I use your beautiful image as my cover photo?? And may I add I stand with Standing Rock to it?


    1. Yes, Jan, I’d be honoured for you to use the image and glad to see another supporter of Standing Rock.


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