Dreams & New Directions

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As you can see from the new title of this blog, the times they are a’changin’.

I’ve been pondering my direction for a while, but then a few days ago I had a really clear dream about the contents of my book – keeping the basics that I’ve done but expanding into visionary work of bringing to an end to greedy, materialist societies and the building of a new, kinder society, new ways of education, new ways of community, new ways of work, and subversion – building a new way of living which works within the ageing and creaking system of capitalism to replace it without trying to overthrow it because, basically, corporate capitalism is slowly self-immolating and it serves the cause of non-violence.

So I decided that I wanted to speak up on what matters to me – justice, compassion, love, honesty, kindness – which fits in with my dream of a new world order where people count, not profits. I have a vision of working to overcome the divisions between us which build walls between those who essentially have a  common good, and stare down the divisive tactics of those who want to hang on to power, mega-greed and utter, utter selfishness at the expense not only of humanity but this wonderful planet of ours.

And this revised, renewed blog is the result – dedicated to social justice, a new world order, fun and play in education for our kids, and visionaries who care, who create and who caper along the road less travelled to a future where we live fierce lives, love fantabulously and laugh furiously.

Am I a dreamer?  You bet. This world needs dreamers, visionaries, the eccentric, the gypsies – all those prepared to throw over the Establishment’s chains of austerity which, in reality, means dreariness, servitude to debt,  mindlessness, depression, and ever-increasing poverty while big business profits go unchallenged.

We can do better than this and we will – an unstoppable tidal wave of fierce warriors for a fierce, new society!


Blessed are the Gypsies

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