Astrology 9: Stars’R’Us

When I lived in a small village in the hills a small way from the coast in mid-north New South Wales, Australia, I often used to go out at night and just look at the sky. The stars were so bright they were like miniature suns in the sky. The Milky Way meandered across the indigo darkness like a scattering of glitter spread by some galactic being winging along on the great winds of the galaxy. There was a silence which wasn’t silence, just the resonance of the galaxy’s song.

And I never cease to be in awe at the wonder and might of the great, mysterious Universe in which we live. To gaze at the stars is to be reminded again and again that we are creation, creation is us, our song on earth is creativity, the stars are us as we create, they are part of our hearts and souls, and there is no separation in the galaxy at all, we are interwoven and inter-dependent, all sparks of light in a great cosmic thread.

So finally our journey through the planets winds to an end among the stars and yet, paradoxically, leads us to beginnings, because we are part of a great, unending dance with the stars and, of course, with beginnings as we are part of all and all is part of us. We are an integral part of a kaleidoscope of complex patterns which shift and form and reform in endless patterns with no past, future or now once we quit the Earth’s limited perspective of time.

So how does the energy of the stars work with our hearts and souls? Although I’d like to wind up with the usual patterns of body, mind, emotions, heart, soul and spirit, I’m being driven intuitively to simply say: we are creation and so is the wonderful planet on which we live, complete with crystals, stones, earth, water, sentient beings.

The essence of our beings is creation and creativity. We are here on earth, as star beings, to bring creativity to life on earth – however our individual song sings to us – to lead us back to the ultimate force of creation – love.

In this perspective, we are indivisable – we become whole when we understand that we are the stars and they are us. Love is our essence and the stars are love – the great love of creation sweeping around us. That’s why the stars call to us at unknown levels when we look up at them at night-time – we know we come from them and that, ultimately, we will return to them.

And just as we are whole, so too is Mother Earth when we walk, dance, sing and fly with the energy of the stars. Planet Earth speaks so much to all of us through the beauty and energies of stones, rocks and crystals. All of these speak with the voice of the stars to guide us to Love. When we re-join with the stars, we know intuitively that every energetic being here on earth resonates with the stars and every aspect of our being –  our wholeness and creation.

We are guided to wholeness when we open our hearts to listen to the Grace of Earth energies.  In their guidance we are led back through our heart, the window of our souls, to our souls and to the star essence in our souls. Mother Earth and her gifted being hold us in their hearts on our earth journey. They ground us. They lead us back to the knowing that Mother Earth is part of us, is part of creation, is love incarnate. Yet they lead us back to the infinite wisdom that we are indeed infinite ourselves as are all the earth energies dancing with joy with us.

Death is the next big adventure as we leave our earthly bodies and return to the stars. And when we return to the stars, we are them, they are us, and still we are also the Earth, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron and Sedna.

That’s it, folks, our journey is over yet is now repeating itself as part of a never-ending spiral of love, love and more love. I wish you all a wonderful journey among the stars, may you shine bright on Mother Earth and just as brightly among the stars on your journey over the Rainbow Bridge to the stars and the infinity of the Universe.

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  1. Oh wow! What a powerful, uplifting, TRUTHFUL post! Your words are like honey, Mo, and I just opened my spirit and let them all in. To have this understanding yet walk this earthly realm is so darn slippery to hold onto at times, and so we just cannot get enough reminders to help us hold tight the Truth of who we are. Glorious post, my friend. Thank you!!! ❤


    1. Thanks, Amy, great to get such positive feedback. Hope all is going well for you and you’re recovered from the dreaded lurgy as I have.

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      1. I’m finally recovered, Mo. I think mine was more related to an adjustment that my Chiropractor made, believe it or not. I needed a very high fever to dislodge a plug that was in my lungs due to the fact the vertebrae that are connected to my lungs was not working right and so my lungs were not working right. Terrible feeling, believe me. Anyways, this huge ugly nasty HOT burning plug came dislodged and ever since I can breathe right again! Not an easy way to gain health, believe me, but now I am reaping the JOY. 🙂 Hope you are totally well by now. I wish I had time to read all the parts on astrology you wrote. I encourage you to write a book so that I can buy it and read it at my leisure. ❤


      2. I’m going to finish writing a short e-book on Crystals, Mandalas and Astrology, I’ll let you know when I get my act together. It took me three weeks to recover from the ‘flu but, like you, it was incredibly painful in the lung area. I do wonder whether it was a good clear-out as subsequently I made the decision to focus on my art and crystals. More goes on in our inner world than we realise, eh?!


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    1. Thank you so much for re-blogging all my astrology posts.

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      1. Maybe you wlll have some “click through” and (additional) readers will discover your site.


      2. Thank you, I appreciate your help very much.

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  3. Your words really resonated with me, thank you.


    1. Thanks, Deb, glad what I wrote was helpful for you. Take care.

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