Astrology 8: Sedna


Sedna is the latest planet to be discovered, on November 14th, 2003, just over a year before the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent hugely destructive tsunamis. She dwells in a remote region of space and is extremely cold while being a beautiful deep red colour. Sedna is the largest and most outlying body discovered since 1930.

Sedna to me relates to the rise of the feminine in the world today, our respect for the oceans and our commitment to protecting the waters and their inhabitants which are under so much pressure from human activity.

Sedna is named after the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic seas. This goddess lives in the icy depths of Adlivun, the Arctic underworld beneath the sea. How she came to dwell here and become a goddess of the oceans is told in various myths, but they generally include the fact that Sedna was a beautiful young woman who refused to marry the various suitors her father produced for her and wanted her to marry. One suitor, enraged by her rejection, presented her with a dog since she was so fussy. She subsequently developed a close, loving relationship with the dog with whom she had both puppies and human children. The dog cared most tenderly for his family. However, her father was infuriated by this union and ensured that the dog drowned while it was returning with food for his family.

The legend holds that, when a mysterious man arrived dressed in very fine skins and feathers, Sedna’s father finally forced her to marry him. The stranger carried her away but when they arrived at his destination, she found in fact that he was a Fulmar, a dangerous bird spirit living on an isolated island. He provided her with minimal food, fish only, and no warmth or love. Sedna called out her distress at this treatment and ultimately her father heard her. Overcome with remorse, he sailed his kayak to save her, carrying her off when the Fulmar was off hunting. When the Fulmar became aware of what was happening, he pursued the kayak with other birds of his spirit family and they stirred up a huge storm to overpower the kayak. In fear, the father threw Sedna overboard and, when she tried to get back into the kayak, cut off her frozen fingers one by one. As her fingers sank, they became seals, fish, dolphins, walruses, whales and polar bears.

Sedna sank below the waves and finally came to rest on the sea floor where she was reunited with her faithful canine husband. There she is reborn as a goddess, rewarding those who live in right relationship with the oceans and continents of Mother Earth, and ensuring they receive the food they need to live comfortably. However, if they forget this right relationship and abuse the creatures of the depths and land, Sedna withdraws her beneficence and creates huge storms, tsunamis, hurricanes and other forms of oceanic mayhem. She can only be placated by a shaman carrying out a shamanic journey to dive into the depths where she dwells on the ocean floor to make amends and return to right relationship with this goddess of life, death and redemption. Legend also holds that Sedna’s father ultimately kills himself in grief and guilt at his betrayal of his daughter.

Now why would the person who discovered this latest galactic spirit turn to Sedna to name his discovery? Perhaps because the intense cold and distance reminded him of the bitter cold in the Arctic depths where Sedna dwells. But interestingly in astrological terms, planets usually emerge into full view at certain times in our history and get named synchronistically, where the person naming that galactic spirit consciously recognized this or not. Thus the names of planets, planetoids and asteroids often end up resonating with developments in humanity on earth, whether in our conscious or unconscious awareness.

And Sedna is no exception. This goddess is primordial, created not by the gods or goddesses themselves, but by the actions of a human being and by the subsequent veneration of human beings. This planet resonates with being both victim and victimiser, disempowerment and empowerment, the power of the Divine Feminine, matriarchal and patriarchal relationships, father/daughter/family relationships, betrayal, redemption and spiritual rediscovery of Divinity within all elements of the Universe. Sedna accompanies us through our heart centre to our deepest emotional depths, she understands the turmoil this produces but she is the impartial witness to our courage in descending into the depths and to our lightness when we release inner dissonance. She makes no judgement of us, only lights the way for us to judge what is right and wrong and to release that which no longer serves our – and the universe’s – greater good.

Coming to grips with the energy of Sedna has actually had me tearing my hair out as superficially the story comes across as her being a rather silly, selfish, picky young woman, looking for a soft, pleasant life. You feel like you want to tell her get off her backside and bop her father over the head with an axe for trying to marry her off to any old bloke that turns up seeking her hand in marriage (hand being the operative word since hers get chopped off in the end). Similarly with the Fulmar, her best bet would have been to knock him off with a huge icicle, cut off his wings, fix them to herself and fly away from her icy prison. And when she swims back to the kayak, you rather wish she’d seize one of the paddles, whack her father in the crown jewels and hurl him overboard while she scrambles back on board. Yet there are indications of depths which the usual versions of Sedna’s journey to goddess-dom gloss over, including her relationship with her dog husband which shows a glimmering of an independent attitude.

Yet ultimately Sedna is the Justice of the oceans of the world – in her impartial judgement we stand in nourishment and fulfillment when we live in right relationship with Mother Earth and all things universal; and when we move out of that right relationship with Mother Earth, Sedna punishes us with the wrath of the oceans, whether storms, hurricanes, rain, floods or tsunamis. She is the call to us to know deep within us what is right and wrong and to make right choices; to empower ourselves, to make right decisions in following our song and our path on earth; to stand up for our beliefs, to return to right relationship with all things universal. Her lesson is that we are not individuals, we are part of the collective, inter-twined with everything and when we take action which does not synchronise with our soul, we create dissonance for all things. Sedna demands great responsibility from us, and in finding her strength and destiny, she points from the very depths the sword of justice which points towards our own highest journey. Ours is the choice to take that journey or not.


Recognition of the Divine in all; free will; victim; victimiser; rescuer; disempowerment; father/daughter relationship; empowerment; survivor; power; respect for life; right relationship with ocean and land life; daughter/woman/crone; family abuse; spiritual growth; being true to ourselves and our dreams; loyalty; individuality; justice; impartial judgment; abandonment; salvation; resilience; protection; caring; turmoil; peace; upheaval, detachment.

Body: Distance from human body; nourishment; starvation; lushness; dexterity; clumsiness; strength; weakness, ebb and flow; death; rebirth; tension; relaxation; self-love; grounding; being present.
Crystals: Goddess Stone; Turritella Agate; Bloodstone; Goddess Stone; Lavender Rose
Quartz; Shiva Lingham stone; Witch’s Finger Quartz.

Mind: Stubbornness; hope; despair; impartiality; right thinking; optimism; focus; pessimism; strength; right choices; self-empowerment, maturity; independence; depression.
Crystals: Amblygonite; Vanadinite; Chiastolite; Earth Angel; Bloodstone; Ochre; Singing Shaman Calcite


Sorrow; grief; happiness; hate; release; trust, compassion, detachment, love of all things.
Crystals: Ruby in Zoisite; Azurite-Malachite; Black Tourmaline; Blue Chalcedony; Sea Quartz; Ocean Jasper.


Forgiveness; Unconditional Love; Dispassionate Justice; Understanding; Knowing; Surrender.
Crystals: Pink & White (Strawberry) Calcite; Mother’s Heart; Madagascan Rhodonite; Pezzotaite; Covellite; Herkimer Diamond.


Forgiveness; understanding; empowerment; inter-connectedness of all, sacrifice.
Crystals: Dioptase; Ruby; Larimar; Amazonite; Azurite crystals; Papagoite; Apophyllite

Spirit: Immortality; Ancestral heritage; Ancestors
Crystals: Shattuckite; Chrysocolla; Plancheite; Plum Quartz; Clear Quartz; Labradorite; Selenite

Sedna is an interesting journey – on the surface this looks like victimhood but in its depths it’s the journey to empowerment through choosing right over wrong, love over hate, connection over separation, love of all over love of self only, resonance with our emotions and with the watery depths which make up so much of our beautiful Mother Earth.

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    1. Thanks for the re-blog. I’ll be honest, I had a hell of a time working with Sedna energies, I think because of the difficult relationship I had with my father, but I got there in the end πŸ˜€

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      1. I do not currently work with Sedna, so it is good to hear from someone who does.


      2. Don’t know that I’ve really worked with Sedna, to be honest. The first time I read about her, I got really cheesed off about her passiveness, probably because it reminded me of how my father used to bully me. Anyway, that’s sort now, thank goodness.

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      3. Jonathon Cainer from London mentions Sedna frequently. To follow his work, try this:


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