Astrology 7: Chiron


Chiron isn’t strictly a planet, but a planetoid. It was discovered in 1977 and became known as The Wounded Healer in astrological terms due to its association with Chiron, the Centaur. This mythological figure was half human, half horse and became a skilled healer and teacher. His father was Zeus and Chiron was immortal by virtue of this association. But, when he dropped a poisoned arrow as he was handing it to a student and it pierced his leg, he was unable to be healed due to the fact that he could not die. He prayed to the gods to let him die and be released from the terrible pain he was suffering. In gratitude for his teachings, they let Chiron die and placed him in the sky.

How does this relate to us? Chiron talks of life and death. Our walk in life is one of wounded- ness, passages of healing, a return to Spirit and of our return to life after Death – the next great adventure. We never die, we simply depart from our physical bodies, with thanks for its help during our earthly walk, and move to another dimension of our soul wisdom. We live on in ways which are unimaginable from our limited earthly perspective.

In our lives we all have experiences of wounding, whether we acknowledge it or not. We are disconnected from our ancestral roots. We are disconnected from Mother Earth. We are disconnected from our families as family and society breakdown occurs. On our planet at present, we can see the toxic evidence of this wounding in violence, unhappiness, intolerance, disharmony, dissonance, starvation in Third World countries, weight problems in Western countries, wars and, in countries like America, Australia and the UK, all this despite relative
affluence. Material wealth does not equal happiness. So what does?

Chiron was discovered at a time when there was a resurgence in holistic healing – delving to the roots of our pain instead of relying on allopathic medicine which all too often masks the cause of our pain (although that is not to downgrade the assistance allopathic medicine can offer us). It is also instructive to consider what we were doing in 1977 and what was happening in our
lives when this planetary influence and its inter-connection with ourselves chose to make themselves known.

Healing is far more than a quick fix for the physical body. When we are out of alignment with our hearts, soul and the spirit of our dance on Earth, we reflect this in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony. Healing requires delving deep within, being open to the pain of wounding and the release of that pain – not through our heads, but through our hearts. To journey to pain through our hearts requires courage and perseverance, the ability to feel pain, to acknowledge it, to recognise it as a part of ourselves, to embrace that pain and accept it, to ultimately release it and offer it to the gods for healing as Chiron did. And of course, the gods respond – not perhaps the gods and goddesses of Rome or Athens, but the gods of human beings, the Stone Elders; Mother Earth; the Green Elders; the Star Beings; Spirit. We have connections and songlines with every aspect of universal energy which work with us to heal our woundedness. We are the stone spirits; we are the green spirits; we are Mother Earth; we are the Planetary spirits; we are the stellar spirits. We are indivisible from the all-pervasive, unconditional love of the Universe which permeates everything in this and other galaxies. And all of these stand ready to offer us assistance as we walk our talk, talk our walk. All we need to say is: “Help me!”

Chiron energy actually offers us a bright light to illuminate our spiritual journey by returning to our hearts and our souls, to our community of spirit, to open up to all avenues of healing which step forward to offer us help. Being able to accept help is a key ingredient of Chiron – he asked for help from the gods when he was wounded and his cry was heard and answered. In today’s
society, too often we are offered the perspective of “I”, or the individual, as opposed to “we” and the collective. And we are the poorer for the model of living which sees us as separate instead of part of the greater whole. When we embrace healing, we radiate it to others, whether we take the path of healing work or simply living with love, forgiveness and compassion in our daily lives.

My own feeling is that ALL stone spirits relate to Chiron, but below are some of those I caretake who have stepped forward to offer their services. I have to say I am always interested in their choice of placement. My head often tells me to place a stone spirit where I think it ought to go, but the spirit is quite firm in going to an area my head would never consider. I always go by the
direction a stone spirit gives my heart.

Collective wisdom; healing of the spirit; disability; ability; pain; renewal; balance; acceptance; giving; receiving; ancestral roots; community roots; earth healing; rootedness in Mother Earth; wisdom; finding one’s path in life; feeling lost; patience; tolerance; impatience; aloneness; solitude; disconnection; connection; woundedness; soul retrieval.

Body: Balance; listening; pain; dissonance; rigidity; release; tenderness; sensitivity; discord; accord; connection.
Crystals: Green fluorite; Earth Mama; Goddess Stone; Red Jasper; Tube Jasper; Bull Canyon Tube Jasper; Fairy Stone Concretions; Bloodstone; Brecciated Jasper


Muddle-headedness; stubbornness; openness; headaches; clarity of thought and intention; disconnection; schizophrenia; aimlessness; purpose.
Crystals: Ajoite; Papagoite; Vera Cruz Amethyst; Amber; Watermelon Tourmaline; Blue Lace Agate; Galaxyite; Astrophyllite


Rootlessness; lack of nurturing; heart dissonance; circulation problems; coldness; warmth; compassion; tolerance; intolerance; hard-heartedness.
Crystals: Larimar; Rose Quartz Elestial; Peruvian Rhodochrosite Crystals; Gwindel Quartz; Cuprite; Peridot; Earth Angel


Songlines; wisdom; truth; unconditional love; compassion; humility.
Crystals: Purpurite; Papagoite; Namibian Rose Quartz; Chiastolite; Angelite; Stigmata


Great Spirit; forgiveness; love; timelessness; infinity.
Crystals: Pipestone; Pink Danburite; Girasol; Faden Quartz; Citrine; Tibetan Quartz; Chiastolite; Seraphinite.

This dance with Chiron has been prolonged. The big lesson for me has been introspection; patience; listening; understanding. Healing is not a process which can be run to order from the head. It requires openness and a willingness to wait until the healing gates open in their own sweet time and in their own sweet way. I hope the gates of healing swing open for you all as and when you need them. And I know that you will have the wisdom and courage to walk through them to the healing light shining for you on the other side of the gateway.

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