Your Encrypted Title Deeds (64)

StardustMay the sacred song of the stars

drop its magical cloak of light around

and within

your heart, soul and body

to illuminate your greatness –

greatness because you are unique

with your own starsong embedded in

the encrypted title deeds  of your country,

your you, your essence.

I have, unfortunately, been absent for some while due to a rather virulent bug which hit me at the New Year, not the best way to start off 2016!  For the past three weeks I’ve had a dreadful headache, severe muscle pains, stomach pains and bronchitis, the sickest I’ve been in my whole life. Luckily I’m not too bad now although others who’ve had the bug have taken up to eight weeks to get over it.

In that time of enforced rest, however, I watched Series 1 & 2 of “Art + Soul”, about Aboriginal art with Hetti Perkins a leading curator of Aboriginal art. The programme looks at all aspects of Aboriginal art from past to present.  I am particularly fascinated by the desert art and dot paintings. These represent what Ms Perkins called: “Encrypted Title Deeds to Country”, as Aboriginal artists represent their Country in the paintings and sing Country into their art as they create their images.

Thinking of this, it made me think of how we ourselves incarnate on Earth.  If we view our cosmic soul song as encrypted title deeds to our own Country, to our own unique creation like no-one else, we might get a better understanding of who we are, our unique gifts and how we express our own individual spirit voice through the way we live, create and forge our own way in life.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m going to explain some of my own astrological chart so that you can see how my own “encrypted title deeds” operate in my own life.  I was born with the Sun in Libra and my Ascendant also in Libra. The Ascendant is the constellation on the horizon as you’re born, the first energies you inhale and – for me – the energetic pathway to expressing your sun sign. So for me, I double up on Libra and it’s how I express myself in life.

I always strive to be pleasant and peaceable. But I am a staunch advocate of social justice, hate injustice, am pretty much always on the side of the poor, the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, working people and the unemployed.  You could say it’s in my DNA!  Added to this, I can see both sides of a situation or a person’s story and it drives my husband around the twist.  He’ll make a comment and I respond, quite unconsciously: “Yes, but think of the other side, there are always two perspectives”. And he’ll rant: “There you are, off on your Libran thing again!”.  Luckily we can both laugh but this ability to see both sides is intrinsic in me.

I love art, beauty, good clothes, flash jewellery and hate vulgarity, greed, bad taste (except for bling, of course!) and coarseness. I never find cruel or crude jokes funny and I pretty much never say anything cruel or wounding to someone because it offends my sense of propriety and also the awareness that words can hurt and have long-lasting consequences.  I am lousy at standing up for myself although recently I’ve decided I’m not going to tolerate rudeness and hurtful comments in future.

Now if you look at my husband’s natal chart, he has his sun in Leo and his Ascendant in Aries. He is passionate, kind, brutally honest, totally without tact, very fiery, a born leader, impatient, intolerant and is always on the move. The idea of sitting at a computer appalls him, but he had a grand time as a dogman (the guy who directs cranes) on high-rise building sites where he could run around all day, taking charge of lots of stuff and being active. He once suggested he’d take me to the very top of a high-rise building (ie, walking up heaps of steps as it was unfinished and lifts didn’t reach the top yet) so I could see the views across Perth, Western Australia, and over to Rottnest Island, about five miles distant from the city. He thought he was offering me a grand treat. I thought he was offering me a complete nightmare! My husband was a union organiser, health and safety officer and shop steward – he always stood on the side of workers and was respected for his honest dealings.

On our wedding day - we got married after 27 years together and are now coming up for the 39th anniversary of when we met, 16th April 1977, 6.30pm. Bryan moved in with me tonight and we've been together ever since. Air and Fire signs get on very well.

On our wedding day – we got married after 27 years together and are now coming up for the 39th anniversary of when we met, 16th April 1977, 6.30pm. Bryan moved in with me that night and we’ve been together ever since. Air and Fire signs get on very well.

I’m not saying it’s been easy over the years. We have had to work to accommodate each other as we have quite different energies and interests – I’m into dreams, crystals, psychic stuff, Tarot, arty-farty, abstract art and the peace movement. We both have the same ideals about social justice – luckily!  I loathe conflict but my husband is happy to stand up to bullies. I call him my Rottweiler because I’ll get him to deal with difficult situations while I lurk in the background.  My husband is into gardening, model railways, army history (he was in the British Army), landscape and portrait art, Scottish and Celtic music, do-it-yourself and home renovation.  I will work into a new home and think it’s okay. Bryan will walk into a new home, note all the bits and pieces that need repairing/straightening/sort out and get on with it. We worked together once, for 30 minutes, on a piece of home renovation until we had an almighty row and I told him to stuff his renovation where the sun don’t shine and told him never again (which I’ve stuck to). My husband is a sergeant-major given half a chance, but it’s been good for me to overcome my peaceable nature and stand up to him. And it’s been good for him to have someone stand up to him and shout back because he naturally takes charge.

We both had bullies as fathers but how we reacted differed greatly.  I went quiet as a kid, kept my head down, strove for approval and was incredibly well-behaved.  My husband, on the other hand, played up, got into trouble wherever his army family ended up, stood up to his father and refused to knuckle under. But, we both wanted our fathers’ approval and we never got it.

In my next post, I want to talk about my Libran Sun being in the Twelfth House, and Neptune being in the First House, as they both incline me to be interested in psychic matters, to be hyper-sensitive, to sense people’s emotions and to be flitting off with the fairies, given half a chance.

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  1. OH wow, reading this, Mo, I would swear I am reading about me and my husband as well. I’m Earth and he is Fire and let me tell you, we clash. It’s taken years (32) finally for me to say we are learning how to mesh. Qualities you have I have as well (Taurus Sun sign). Hubby is so much like yours it is not funny. Only difference is I stand up to the bullies not he. He is learning in this life, even with a fiery temperament, to develop a strong backbone. He’s learning, ’cause he has me who will not enable and who will not let him off the hook. I call them as I see them. Oh, about seeing both sides …. LOL. I do too and it drives hubby up the walls!!! Tee hee …. >3


    1. I think it’s fascinating, Amy, when you understand what makes people tick because then you know what you’re dealing with. I used to hate my husband firing up because in my childhood anger wasn’t allowed, we were very emotionally repressed. I used to drive my husband nuts by withdrawing into myself (didn’t realise until a while back that this was exactly how my father used to behave towards my mother, days of silence) but once I’d come to understand him so much better, we were able to sit down and talk things through – I told him how I felt threatened by his fiery nature and he told me to shout back and get it out of my system. Which I started doing and it felt terrific!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmmmmmm ….. I’ve just begun putting voice to my emotions lately, shaking in rage, as I spare no words how I feel and what he is doing I “see” the patterns of his dysfunctional family. At first he did not know how to take it, because I have been “tolerant” of his blow ups. Now? No! After the last time I shook in rage sparing no words, our relationship became so much more open. It’s a work in progress when we carry “baggage” from our childhood. It’s not easy to change. Some may say but that is not acting in Love. Wanna bet? I LOVE me and I have every right to tell someone they are hurting me by their actions instead of stuffing it. I was never allowed to voice my emotions as a child, and when I did, I got severely punished. It feels so freeing to voice my feelings, and in a way that leaves no doubt how angry I really am. My husband has no tact and says and does things that he doesn’t stop to think are hurtful. So, in pointing out HEY this hurts, gives him food for thought. Good for you, Mo!!! This Journey is not easy, and I give you SO much credit for stepping outside what you have been taught. ❤ ❤ ❤


      2. Families have a lot to answer for, Amy – I know the first time I blew my stack at my husband he looked absolutely gobsmacked. But sheesh, it felt good! 😀


  2. PS Glad to see you back and I am so happy to know you are feeling better!!! (((HUGS))) ❤


    1. Thanks, Amy, am delighted and relieved to be back myself, haven’t had the ‘flu for twenty years and I’d forgotten how bad it is. But now rarin’ to go 😀


      1. I seem to have caught the bug. Oh my how awful I feel!! I haven’t been this sick in years!!


      2. I absolutely sympathise on you getting the bug, Amy, the last time I remember feeling so sick is twenty years ago when I broke my leg and ankle and caught the ‘flu after leaving hospital. Hope you get better soon as it’s a really lousy bug. Take care and spoil yourself.


  3. Crazy your poem is really beautiful, how you got the rhythm and idea about that… awesome…


    1. It just turned up out of the blue 😀


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