Dreams of Luxury (52)

Flight of LightI like to post aspects of dreams when I understand them clearly and when they obviously have a lot of meaning in my life. So here’s how a dream went this morning before I awoke. I remember it in great detail and I know when that happens that it is important for me to consider and understand. So here’s the dream:

“I am in a luxurious store in the United States trying on make-up and perfume and feeling very much at ease, cracking jokes with the staff, and not worrying that I might be late for exams.  Eventually I turn up at the exam venue to find that a few friends and others are outside and they’ve been thrown out of the exam room.  I am still not worried, and tell the examiner I’m going to get a cup of coffee, which he accepts smilingly as if I’m not late for the exam.

Next I’m in a restaurant where I’m in charge and organising people. There are a few, very wealthy women standing up who’ve found out that their husbands have been having affairs.  I go up to the women, calm them down and advise them to sort things out more quietly when they’re seated again. They agree. Still in the cafe I sit down and heckle (nicely) a rather gorgeous man who’s behind the counter. He walks over, I’m laughing, he folds the chair with me in it and bends over to kiss me. I tell him it’s a bit soon but I think I’m in love with him.

Then we walk outside, I realise we’re in Los Angeles, and we climb into his luxurious coupe. He sets off and we decide to go left, towards a little-used road, and we end up at the end of the road in a small cove facing the Pacific Ocean, with just small ripples on the surface. I tell him it’s the most exciting thing I’ve done in my life. He tells me to get undressed and get into a swimsuit and we’ll go swimming in the calm ocean.”

And then……my husband woke me up!!!!!

Okay, you don’t know the circumstances behind this dream but I’ve been pursuing a course on managing money.  Money and I are fair weather friends. I get money and I spend it. I have done so all my life and have managed to survive pretty well but I decided I needed to face up to my demons around finances.

My father was horrendously stingy and tight-fisted, and I’ve always been terrified of ending up like him. So this course has helped me understand that having money is fine (luxury), that I don’t have to be a lying sod like my father was (women in the restaurant), and I can embrace my male side (kissing the guy and telling him I love him) which reassures me that emotionally it’s quite okay for me to manage money responsibly, efficiently and to feel worthy of receiving money for my art. The calm sea indicates that emotionally I’m on an even keel now in relation to money.

I like the fact that in my dream we drive off to the left, which is the spiritual/intuitive direction, and we take the road less travelled. I need to be creative in my money-making endeavours and one thing I’ve also realised doing this course is that by managing my money better, I’ll feel far more secure in my daily life.

It would, of course, have been interesting to see where this dream headed, given I was having such a good time, but there you are – wakey-wakey time intervened and my husband thought it was quite funny when I told him of my dream and his unexpected arrival with a mug of coffee for me!

I think, actually, that a big block has lifted for me as I’ve felt incredibly creative today with energies flowing again – this past week has been a bit weird as I’ve been stuffing around and not doing much at all. After that dream I not only feel re-energised and productive again, I feel pretty terrific in myself, far more relaxed and not so uptight.

The course, by the way, can be found at: Bring it on – the Abundance Game

2 responses

  1. Very nice dream and post Mo 😀


  2. Thanks, Irene. Today’s dream resembled The Stepford Wives! (and again, Bryan woke me mid-dream!


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