Blog Awards – A Big Thank You

Dragon's Loyalty Award

I was going back through correspondence I’d kept to follow up yesterday and came across an award from Honey at A Slice of Heaven in Sweden. It’s probably going to be the surprise of her life now I’m popping up with the award she sent me so long ago!  Apologies for the delay, Honey!

She has gifted me the Dragon’s Loyalty Award which I really, really appreciate. It’s great to know that other bloggers enjoy your work. I am going to amend this site when I can find an appropriate theme so that I can isntall a gallery of photos of blog awards.

I am not in a position to pass this on to anyone else and again, I apologise. However, I’m battling severe sciatica again and a series of sleepless nights, so I’m feeling really, really tired and struggling to keep my head above the parapet.

Things will settle down, they always do, but the fatigue is really clogging my head so I’m dealing with material I’ve had on hold for a while, rather than trying to produce any prolonged writing.

Just to wind up, i think it is so good that bloggers encourage and support one another – a kind world to counter the rather difficult circumstances we see around us so often.

Love to Honey and to all of you who are kind enough to read my blog and also to those who take the time to comment.

8 responses

  1. Hi Mo…I am sending you beautiful healing light energy. I pray you will feel better really soon!! Much love…and congrats on your wonderful award! ❤


  2. Thank you so much, Lorrie, I really need healing support now as I’m struggling to keep my head above water with the sciatica and sleeplessness. Feel like a zombie at present, and I’m a bit fed up with the challenges of two bladder infections, coping with fibromyalgia and attacks of the Glums. One of our Australian Prime Ministers once said that life isn’t meant to be easy and I think, if he were standing in front of me at the moment, I’d kick up him the backside!


  3. Hi Mo,
    I follow your blog so I understood that you have had a lot of health problems this year. Your post became less and less frequent as last year went on and on. Thank you for this kind acknowledgement. It was a great surprise.
    I so hope and pray that 2015 is kinder to you and your body. Siatica and sleeplessness are synonmous with one another and I know being in continuous pain wears you down. Take care of yourself. I hope you get some relief soon.
    Your friend,


    1. Hi, Honey – Thanks for your comments, lovely to hear from you. Yes, 2014 was really challenging for me, I realise now that when I tripped over the dogs at the beginning of the year, I did far more damage than I realised. I hope 2015 is better, can’t believe it’s February already! And thanks for your good wishes for my health, they are really appreciated. Love, Mo xx


      1. Hi Mo,
        It seems as we get older that a health set back takes more out of us… It is humbling to me and the one thing that makes me realize my age. 2014 was a year of bad health for me as well. I have improved, but I have not recovered from everything. The doctors do not seem to have the answers.They are still running tests. I can sympathize with you. I am getting impatient as well. I do not want this to be my new reality. It will be a year of this in April for me. You have already passed the year mark. I am glad that you have some improvement as I have had. I hope things keep improving.
        We have had a couple of warm days in a row. I enjoy soaking up the suns healing rays and dreaming of my garden for this year.
        Your friend,


    2. Yes, I know what you mean, Honey. I’ve had fibromyalgia now for 16 years, taken a long time to work out how to co-exist with it and I count myself lucky as I’ve managed to do quite a bit of healing work over the years and I know I’m in a far better position than a lot of other FM sufferers. I don’t bother with doctors, they mean well but don’t offer much constructive, I’ve worked with a lot of alternative therapists plus learned to take life a lot more slowly. Frustrating at times, but it’s pretty much the only way to keep an even keel. The sciatica and hip pain I don’t know about – that came from tripping over the dogs (!), but like you said, as you get older, things hit you more and it takes a lot longer to recover. I know I never regained my full health after falling and breaking my leg and ankle when I was 49. I hope you get your own health sorted out and are back on your feet in good time. Take care, your friend in turn, Mo


      1. I have suffered from Sciatica and hip pain for decades now. My husband has recently experienced sciatica pain for the first time in his life. He slipped and fell outside. He was shocked how diabilitating it was for him. He opted for a cortisone/steroid shot, which can give him 6 months of major pain relief. The steroids affected his diabetes… He is re-evaluating if he would take the shot if or when it comes back again. I hope that you find what works for you. It is different remedy for everyone. I am not a fan of steroids. I hope you feel better.


      2. I had steroids once for a sinus infection – it was great as it relieved my hip pain and I was hyper-active due to lack of pain, that is, until the steroids wore off and the pain was worse as I’d overdone it so much. It’s why I work at managing my health myself, with alternative therapies when I can afford them. Sorry to hear about your husband but the short-term effect and need for continual injections is why I gave it away. One therapy I find really good is cranio-sacral therapy, a very gentle re-alignment of your body which is great if you’ve had a lot of pain. But I do know sciatica is very hard to treat, I’ve got rid of it and it’s bounced back! Take care, Mo xx


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