Both Sides Now – Israel/Palestine Pt 2 (39)

Be CourageousWhat has changed in the intervening years, from my ardent support for Israel which I think was pretty prevalent among most people at the time, to the widespread condemnation of the recent vicious warfare in Gaza, is the fact that people now have access to far more information about what’s going on in the world.

If we relied on conventional media, we would have had no idea of what was happening in Gaza – only what was allowed by Israel and supine media outlets too much intertwined with Zionist interests to publish the truth.
But nowadays we have social media – mobile phones, tablets, Twitter, Google, Facebook and other independent news outlets who are showing the carnage as it is – doctors, nurses and medical staff killed when hospitals are bombed; paramedics killed when ambulances are fired on; dead babies and children carried out of the rubble of smashed homes; elderly men and women grief-stricken as they see their homes destroyed; medical staff like Dr Mads Gilbert pleading for an end to the insanity because hospitals are overwhelmed with the dead, the dying, the injured; people praying under the ruins of a mosque bombed to smithereens.
And in the face of silence from leaders in Europe, the UK and the US, I would ask how loud their howls would be if synagogues were bombed by Palestinian resistance fighters at the same levels mosques, religious buildings for Islamic people, have been flattened in Gaza. And how loud would the US, British, Israeli and European howls have been if Palestinians had bombed Israel on Holocaust Remembrance Day or another other religious observance day in that country, whereas it’s okay to bomb Gaza during Ramadan, the holiest month of the year for Muslims, and during Eid-Al-Fitr, an important religious festival for Islamic people following on from Ramadan?

In the past few weeks we’ve seen huge support building up for the people of Gaza. Tens of thousands have marched around the world to support Palestinian people and condemn the slaughter by the Israeli Armed Forces. It is people on the street who have come out against the injustice perpetrated by Israel, the US, UK and European leaders.

What to do in your daily life?  I fully support the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions grassroots movement which is Peace can do bettergrowing rapidly. You can support calls for an arms embargo on Israel.  You can join Palestinian support movements. You can donate to support the rebuilding of Gaza and the support of its people.

What can happen in the future?  Whenever political leaders talk about the situation, they start with “I acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.”  But why does it have the right to exist?  It was founded on terrorism and is maintained by state terrorism.  The United Nations passes resolutions critical of Israel, describes its settlements in Palestinian territories as illegal and thumbs its nose at the UN because the US backs Israel to the hilt and has turned the UN into an impotent organisation.

So no, I don’t happen to think Israel has the right to exist although that will probably send some people off into paroxysms of incoherent range. I don’t think it should be demolished by violence either.  Violence just begets more violence. My own view is that work needs to begin – perhaps under the aegis of community elders respected around the world (which excludes the despised Tony Blair) – of moving towards a one-nation state of current Israeli residents and Palestinian people. Such a state would need to be secular and with a constitution which includes equal rights for all.  Do I believe such a thing could happen overnight? Well, no. But it’s the logical, long-term solution to achieving peace in the Middle East.

Whatever – just don’t be silent. Speak up for justice for the Palestinian people, and also for Israeli people, because when you are consumed by hate, you do yourself an injustice. When Israelis sit on chairs, watch the bombing of Gaza and toast to the deaths of Palestinian people, they are to be pitied because they’ve lost their humanity. The task in the Middle East is to restore humanity to all the people who live there, however hard that task might be.




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  1. I find that the most heinous crimes that have been commited are when the enemy is demonize. Genocide of indigenous people around the world…victims of Nazi death camps, Rawanda,,,

    I am glad that you have taken up this discussion. We need to have clear heads that find possible sollutions for the civilians that are suffering right now.


  2. Yes, I think the same. I’m just about to address that in another blog on my art blog. I could scream when politicians talk about human rights, but only when the poor people involved are sitting on resources like gas or oil. I think it’s interesting too to see the widening chasm between political leaders and grassroots organisation. People just don’t cop the lies any more because they’re so easily exposed.


  3. Dear crazy crone, I do not share your point of view. I do share that war is sad and horrible. But I was there in Israel some weeks ago, and needed to run with shelters with my 3 children and husband and family while the Hamas was sending bomb on Israel! We were lucky to be protected by the israelien army during that attacks! And we were happy the Hamas did not manage to kill us and all the surrounding civilian! We were under a Hamas bomb that exploded over our head! In the sky, no shelters and only protecting our head with our hand lying on the grown next to the highway with no other protecting than the iron dome!

    The Hamas strategy is to use civilian as target in Israel! As shied in Palestine!
    It is not Israel choice, they warn to try to prevent children and adults not to be killed!
    But should they accept being bombed every 12 mn without defending them self?

    Watch this video if you want as an other testimony of the Hamas for the palestinien and against them and the Israeli

    You can decide what you want, but it is my testimony! And I m happy that the Hamas did not kill us and my young children and I recognize and thank Israel for protecting is population and us!

    I sincerely hope the war will end, but with the Hamas attitude breaking all cease fire etc, I very concern and yet I pray for it !


    1. The fact is that Hamas sends rockets towards Israel which are peanuts compared to the arsenal available to Israel due to financial and armaments backing from the US. As for Israel trying to warn people when bombs are coming, where do you think Palestinian people are going to go when there is nowhere to go. Have a look at the destruction of Gaza – there is no refuge for Palestinian people. The Israeli armed forces have attacked hospitals, UN buildings acting as refuges for people. Gaza is the most densely populated area in the world – and quite frankly I think the idea of letting people know they should flee because they’re going to be bombed is sick. Don’t bomb them! Talk to them! Stop the blockade of Gaza. Treat Palestinians as human beings and then there might be some steps towards the end of bloodshed. As for the myth that Hamas uses civilians as human shields, a BBC reporter who was in Gaza has said that he saw no evidence of this being true. It is not Hamas at fault, it is Israel and it’s treatment of the Palestinians. Treat them with respect, dignity and a humanitarian attitude, and Israel might see some progress towards peace.


      1. So I would like to share that video with you


  4. Plus I read your post as I saw the picture on which I agree! Peace can do better!

    But your post is frightening, in the world we are living in, so difficult with hatery, with racism, with Antisemitism, with terrorism, you call for more hatery, and I wonder if you have good sources, as you said we are at the time where information is at every one hand!

    Please indulge yourself a trip to Israel and see what is happening by yourself !


    1. Hopeje – I have not mentioned hate at all in my post. I am not calling for more hate, and I wonder if you’ve actually read what I’ve written or are just reacting because I’ve dared to question Zionist nationalism in Israel. I’m calling for the truth about the situation. Until Israel faces up to its appalling treatment of Palestinian people, its theft of Palestinian land and its discrimination towards Palestinian people, peace is not on the cards. And no, I will not set foot in Israel – I have already been there as I’ve written about in an earlier post – because I support the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel. I do wish that to speak out in support of Palestinian people would not be treated to moral blackmail about spreading hate. To talk the truth is to work against the spread of hate and to work for peace.


      1. Hi understand but by calling boycott, you are calling for hate. The limit is already so thin in normal time. As a Jew I suffered Antisemitism all my life in every part of Europe except Luxembourg ! Seeing my name on wall with dirty Jew go dead under, in my university in Paris, getting insulted on the street etc….
        This war is just an excuse for people to bring more hatter to Jews in general, as they have done since millennium. I have no hate against any one, I just hope this will be the position on a small percentage as it has always be, but as we can see racism and Antisemitism is growing in Europe! More that 25% in Europe vote extrem right or left, look at holland more than 20%, Germany Belgium… It is a great disaster! It is the time for the silent majority that is not Antisemitist not racist to react ! Otherwise the history repeats itself again and again, and yes, without relai aib you participate to it.
        It don t say you can t critize Israel ! You have the right to it, but please do not neglect to see the big picture.
        I have posted as reply 2 video, and there are more.
        The Israeli always want to help the Palestinian, discuss with them.
        Tough luck, they have them cement to build schools they used it to construct tunnels to attack Israel. One example of course. You can find many more if you like.
        And to the question : why do you think Palestinian send the rockets at first, one of the video I posted explain it quite well

        I am so sorry for what is happening, Israeli has always tried and still try to help Palestinian, but they can not do nothing when attacked all the time,.. Just think about the kippour war and many more all the cease fire that was Brocken.

        I call for peace, I call for racism against all race all religion, to be stopped by everyone being silent raising it voice and not tolerate that attitude anymore!
        It is the only what this minority world wide will stop and remain a minority!
        Otherwise history will repeat itself!
        Thank you for your answer


      2. And I agree you can not dispossess people without expecting an answer. And I am not only talking about Palestinian, Knowing that solution and discussion are always going that way. Plus it s the international community that started it all …. Bref have a good day


      3. I wanted to had 2 things, and I am happy you give me the opportunity to do so. As a democratic way to go is to accept questioning and answer.

        I wanted to add that in Miami 2 days ago a rabbi has been shoot on the street and that nazi cross covers some of the synagogue in Miami!

        2 nd thing, I support the Malala found further to the rapt of school girls and give my concern to what happens in Muslim countries against Christian.
        I am very concerned about that.
        I am very concerned about what happens IN Syria, about the children who can not go to school anymore and hardly play as they work to replace their adults and see their friends family dying every day.

        Why have you decided to post on Israel and Palestine and not on theses conflicts that exists for a longer period in the actuality ?

        I have to admit that I have not read every post you have written, only since I follow you, that is why I raise a question. And do not place and affirmation.

        I believe in the freedom of speech, and respect the fact you have published your post. I just draw your attention on some collateral damages that will exist further to it and question it, as I use my right to reply.


      4. I have to differ with you on the boycott because it is not aimed at hating Jews, it is aimed at Israelis and their support for what I (and many, many others) consider is appalling treatment of the Palestinian people. I have also said that it’s Israeli actions which actually increase anti-semitism and I’ve also said that I abhor anti-semitism. I certainly condemn the shooting of a I notice that more and more Jewish groups and individuals are expressing their horror at Israel’s actions and supporting the boycott. But I also don’t agree about Israel’s benevolent attitude to the Palestinians – it has been anything but. The siege of Gaza, because that’s what it is, has produced appalling suffering and it has increased support for Hamas because Palestinians are angry at Israel’s actions and want to live on their feet, not a half-life on their knees grovelling to Israel. I’m sorry, Hopeje, but I think we will have to agree to disagree because I really don’t agree with any of your comments. As for Andrew Bolt in Australia, the man is a discredited toerag of the Murdoch empire, a racist who preaches hate and intolerance. He may well spruik the Israeli cause, but only because he’s a hired hack of News Limited and toes the line of the Murdoch press. I should know – I’m Australian.


      5. I also want to comment on the Syrian situation. What is happening in the Middle East is extremely complex and is the result of Big Power meddling in that area, just as much as Israel is a tool of the United States. I remain very cautious of who is right or wrong according to Western Powers as they support those who they think they can control and oppose those in power in oil-rich states if those leaders don’t toe the Western line. As for “rebels”, anyone can stand up and say they’re a rebel and the West will back them without questioning exactly the nature of the rebel. It’s this that has given rise to Isis and their horrible actions. So yes, I think the situation of the Syrian people is dreadful but I don’t happen to think that outside intervention helps. The Saudis have been backing the Syrian rebels and Isis, and now find that Isis is out of their control. In the case of Israel and Palestine, it’s an issue of the two facing each other and, I’m sorry to reiterate, Israel has been steadilly and illegally expanding into Palestinian territories in spite of UN resolutions calling them illegal, with the only one backing Israel being the US. I know that many people resent the support of US politicians for military supplies to Israel because they see those politicians being beholden to Jewish rather than Zionist forces. I happen to think that if there’s any blame in this situation, it’s the Zionists and their backing for Israel’s aggression which causes anti-semitism. And yes, I really regret what is happening across Europe in regard to anti-Semitism but it is also because European leaders have tried to court the ultra-right forces and not defended Jewish people enough.


  5. K: As Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”


    1. Yes, you’re right, and we’ve got a pretty whacko world at the present.


    2. Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs… Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home.

      Mahatma Gandhi


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