Dealing With Chronic Illness: A Spiritual Practice

Spirituality Without Borders: Reflections on Spiritual Practice Phoenix Rising 2

My favorite version of the legend of the Phoenix has it resurrecting from the marrow of its own bones…again and again and again.  That is what it is like living with a serious illness that has no cure in sight.  It’s always there.  Like the Phoenix rising from its own bone marrow, those with disease have to invent creative ways to deal with it.  I offer the following spiritual practice.

We cannot displace the physical disease, so this is a way to spiritually displace the dis-ease it causes for a time so that we can change our focus to life-giving activity:

Begin by placing a vessel on an altar with a candle beside it.  This vessel will hold your dis-ease for as long as you intend.  Calm yourself with music, breathing, or whatever way helps you.  Say:

I accept that this dis-ease is within me.
(Pause and let the…

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