Some Housekeeping

I’m catching up with myself this week so, for once, I’m not reading other blogs until I’ve sorted out all my various bits and pieces of housekeeping.

I am replying to e-mails sent so long ago the original sender is probably going to have a shock to actually get a reply to me and to find I’m still alive. As well, I’ve been sorting out all the awards that people have kindly awarded me which I think is pretty nifty and brilliant (the awards, not me sorting them out as I’ve procrastinated like the clappers).

I have decided with awards to do what I can so I have thrown all the rules and regulations overboard because they take so long and I get discombobulated trying to sort out what to do where.  Firstly, my grateful thanks to:

Don Charisma who is an ace blogger, very generous, very supportive and an inspirational guy. He awarded me the Inner Peace Award and the Angel Award. Thank you, Don. You’re a busy guy and your encouragement to others is terrific, gratefully accepted and much appreciated.

Thanks to Green Lizard at http://lizard150blog,  She blogs about ways to live sustainably and is really inspirational in what she does – she walks her walk, and talks her talk. If you want advice about green living, the Green Lizard’s your go-to destination.

Here are some facts about me:

Why did I start blogging?  I started a blog in Australia which was mainly rants about various stuff going on in the world and that blog has gradually morphed into my art blog where I try to blog daily. This particular blog is an on-going book as blog about what I’ve done with my life and what I’ve learned. Hopefully some of what I’ve experienced, learned and grown by can help others.

Why to I love the internet?  Because it links so many people and places, I have met – cyberwise – some wonderful people with really interesting blogs, and I get to travel the world enjoying Mexico, Rio de Janiero, Spain, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, England and a whole heap of places without moving from my study. Great stuff – we are all one!

Where do I live? In a pretty spacious, ground-floor, 3 bedroom-apartment, five minutes away from the Mediterranean with the Besparmak Mountains to the back of us. We are on the north coast of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus,  mainly known as North Cyprus. This little country was formed when Turkey intervened to stop genocide by the Greek-Cypriots against Turkish-Cypriots. The intervention has been classified by the international community – due to crafty propaganda by Greece and Greek Cyprus – as an occupation. It isn’t, it stopped Turkish-Cypriots being slaughtered or driven off  the island.  On the upside, this place is paradise because it is so unspoiled and is cheap because it’s outside the Eurozone, thank goodness. On the down side, the embargo has created great hardship for Turkish-Cypriots who are the most wonderful, friendly, kind people.

Who do I live with? My partner for 27 years and 10 years my husband (slow to get to the altar, lol, or should I say, registry office!). We were going to be footloose and fancy-free here in North Cyprus, but now have four rescue puppies and three rescue cats. We did have four cats but one disappeared suddenly which is sad but quite common for cats in this country.

Travels? I worked out once that I’ve moved 39 times in my life. I have lived, visited and/or worked in England, Scotland,  Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Dubai, Netherlands, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the People’s Republic of China. As we have lived here for 2 years without talk of moving house or continent, we are the most settled we have been for a long time.

Favourite colour? Why, purple of course, hence the purple hair and the purple clothes. The purple clothes I put together for travelling when we moved to North Cyprus, as it was easy to mix and match. Unfortunately, our luggage from Australia got stuck in Istanbul for six months and so purple became my default colour. Believe me, I really enjoyed unpacking my clothes when our boxes finally arrived!

That’s it, folks. I am fixing up the awards kindly given to my art blog:

and there I will pass on awards to other blogs. Don’t want to double up.

Have a lovely day, gorgeous week and do your damnedest to grow old disgracefully – it is so much fun!





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