More Awards

I am delighted to be the recipient of additional awards from fellow bloggers. They are:

The Inventive Blogger

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Best Moment Award.

I’ve taken ages to get myself organised to respond to these nominations and I feel very honoured that fellow bloggers have thought enough of my blog to bestow these awards on me. I’ve taken ages to get organised as, for the life of me, I couldn’t work out how to get the awards up and running in the widgets sections, and then all of a sudden it clicked. The problem is that, when I’m a bit knocked around, as I have been since the dogs skittled me and I had a bad fall, and I’ve been suffering from sciatica and sleepless nights, the fibro fog flares up. Head fog is well known with fibromalgia and it really stuffs up clear thinking. So today, since I’ve got the widgets organised, I’d like to thank:

Don Charisma,

I have to be honest – I know Don awarded me two of the awards but who dished up the third is a mystery and I apologise to that person profusely.

I’m pretty much repeating this on my art blog, but I’ve had to adapt the requirements to what I can handle given my health challenges.

Three things I have given to people:

1. I offer advice, support and help if someone is in trouble.

2. I smile at everyone I meet as I remember the story (may be one of those rumours, but what the heck) of a man who committed suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge and when they checked his room, they found a note that if someone smiled he wouldn’t jump.

3. I give people hugs because hugs are great!

And ten things about me you may not know:

1. I was born with pigeon toes and my feet were in splints until I was 18 months old to force my ankles to turn out. Mum told me she was devastated until she visited the children’s ward and saw kiddies with feet turned backwards who’d have to have major surgery to correct their feet’s direction.

2. I loved visiting my mother’s parents as a kid as I could wander in woods and fields, even though it was near the centre of London.

3. I loathe animal cruelty.

4. I love cheese sauce on cauliflower or in macaroni cheese.

5. I have lost 2 inches in height as I’ve suffered back damage which is mortifying as now I’m much shorter than my husband!

6. I have written stories and articles all my life.

7. I am good at learning languages – French, German, some Indonesian, and a smattering of Turkey, but German’s my first love.

8. I graduated from Bradford University with a B.A. (Joint Hons), 2.1, in French and German interpreting & translation, French & German politics and economics.

9. My German economics teacher told me my dissertation was very good but incredibly boring (I agreed!)

10. I have lived in or visited or travelled through thirteen countries. I’m a firm believer in travel opening the mind to the fact that people around the world are pretty damned brilliant.

I’m supposed to nominate other bloggers but I’m going to do that on my blog, The Crazy Crone’s Artsy-Fartsy Studio, http://thecrazycrone. org.

5 responses

  1. All well deserved, Mo. I love reading your stories. Congratulations! I am a lover of Deutsch as well.


  2. Thanks, Rita. I’m brushing up on my German as Artflakes website has a lot of German artists on it and I’m also coming across blogs in German, plus there are a few German ex-pats here too. Keeps the old brain busy!


  3. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. Have a great day! Just one more!


    1. Thank you, at least I now know how to get the awards into the widget device!


      1. Right. I suspect that’ll be something I also need to do. Any tips; please share!


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