A Slight Hiatus

I have decided to have a break from writing my book for a while as I want to focus on setting up my art and photography work in a professional manner, everything’s a bit disorganised at present.

I also want to consider how I’m writing my book, I’m not quite satisfied with the structure at the moment so the break will give my imagination and grey cells time to whirr, whizz and clank away until the image which will inspire the writing to which I aspire pops up in my head with a great yell, shouting “Eureka! Aha!”.

I shall be back, probably in 2-4 weeks, and hopefully I’ll have sorted out a format which satisfied.

So hasta la vista, mi amigos!Buddha Cat


8 responses

  1. Enjoy your break and I hope it is productive for you Mo. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Suz – funny thing is, since I decided on a way to move forward, including having a break from this blog, I’ve slept so much better!


  2. Fun photo! Says a lot about the creative pause – the waxing and waning of creativity is so important. 🙂


    1. Great photo, isn’t it? A friend sent it to me as a birthday card and I’ve got it posted on my fridge. And yes, I felt I was starting to write mechanically, a break gives you a chance to process stuff and move forward.


  3. i hope the time out brings you clarity, sometimes the absolute best thing we can do is take a step back to see the full picture. i really enjoyed your 3 part piece on dreams. thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks very much, at the moment it’s enforced time-out as I’m sleeping badly due to a pinched sciatic nerve, but tomorrow I’m off for a massage, so I hope it helps straighten out the knots.


  4. I ended up taking a hiatus in writing my novel in January, though I hadn’t intended to do so. I too have been working on the structure of my book. My goal for February is to get more focused on writing again. Hope your hiatus proves to be inspiring for you!


    1. Thanks, Karen, the break is helping, I’m sort of letting go until I get a sense of how I want to continue instead of trying to force the issue. Good luck with your book!


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