Dreams – Pt 2 (23)

Prior to really tuning into dreams in Boonah, I had two I remember while living in Perth, Western Australia. In the first, on the night before my mother’s funeral, I saw her on a carousel which was gently turning and bathed in golden light. I said to her: “You really are dead, Mum, aren’t you?” And she nodded and the scene went black. In the second dream, one I’ve described already, I saw my little dog, Chloe, the night after she was hit by a bus and killed, walking away away from me in the same golden light. As she turned to look at me, a voice said: “She came to teach you unconditional love. Now her job is done, it’s time for her to move on.”  Chloe gave me a compassionate, loving look then turned and kept walking away. Eventually, everything went black again.

The golden light in dreams, I’ve found from experience over the years, means the dream has a spiritual meaning for me. In my mother’s case, not only did I confirm that she was dead, but her death opened the way for me to start looking at childhood stuff, healing in a very fundamental way, and looking at my relationship with my father, as Mum had been the peacemaker between us. In the second dream, Chloe’s death opened me up to the idea of moving from Western Australia, taking a course in Reiki and opening up to my psychic abilities.A Portal to the Stars & Life

When I had the dream about the bull I described in my last post, the kitchen was in golden light, and it opened up my inner wisdom to understand the self-centred motivation behind my father offering us what looked like a good deal on building our house next to him but which was really intended for him to control us. And I can tell you, when I told him we wouldn’t be taking him up on his offer, his face went thunderous and he started swinging his foot and banging the floor, always a sign of dad in a rage. I scarpered for  my own safety and well-being.

When I had a continued infection after breaking my leg and ankle, and had a dream of two herbalists in a cottage asking me in, and I had hit the peak of the hill and was on the way down, the two women were in a golden light. It symbolised the herbal healing I received from Yvonne and her herbalist friend which set me on the path to recovery.

Other dreams have been incredibly helpful to me. I had another predictive dream about my father: that he collapsed outside his toilet, was taken to hospital and my mother appeared to tell me she would take care of him and I needed to make my own life. A week or so later, my father, by then a raging alcoholic, had a black-out by the toilet and fell badly. He had to call the ambulance and had a broken rib and fractured vertebrae. I told the hospital staff he was an alcoholic and they kept him on small doses of alcohol to minimise withdrawal symptoms.

Dad ended up in hospital for a long time and wasn’t allowed to go back to his home due to him having suffered several minor strokes and having falls. We stupidly felt sorry for him and got him into a rental beside us where he lasted a very short  time before he was back on the booze, took himself off all the medication he’d been taken and re-emerged as malevolent and dysfunctional as ever.

It was then I had another dream where a friend told me about a run-down farmhouse that had burned out in town and slightly uphill. When I found the scene, it was surrounded by emergency workers who were handling the situation and I had to leave it to them. I was puzzled by this and talked it over with another friend who suggested, since it was just after the Twin Towers tragedy that I was worried about a bombing in our town. Well, with the best will in the world I couldn’t image Al-Qaeda or its affiliates bothering to bomb a small town in the hinterland of Queensland, and it just didn’t feel right. As it was, when I got home I looked up at Dad’s house, slightly uphill from ours and beginning to look like a rubbish tip, and realised it was about him. Sure enough, he self-destructed a short while later and the social workers took over. I retired from the lists, stopped contact with Dad due to my own stress and ill-health from  his shenanigans, and began to rebuild my own health and well-being.

Flowering LightI also came across in interesting technique in dreams which are unfinished.  I had a dream that Bryan was in our old house up Mt French and a huge, black tornado was heading towards him. I tried to phone him but he wasn’t answering and I was frightened for him. I got woken up before the end of the dream but had that horrible, muggy feeling which meant it had some emotional meaning for me which I needed to understand.  So I did some stooging around and came across the idea of relaxing, going into a sort of trance, revisiting the dream and asking for an ending.  Well, it was quite unexpected. The dream was about me and the huge storm was heading my way.  I was again puzzled by this but it was quite true – within a few weeks I was quite sick, no energy, lying on the sofa looking at the ceiling all day, fog in my head, intense pain in my back and hips and…..I found out later down the line that I’d copped fibromyalgia, another of Boonah’s horror stories!

I have had heaps of dreams since then which have helped me enormously, from understanding day-to-day problems to situations of a spiritual nature. I’ve found that if I concentrate on and pay attention to dreams, my inner wisdom or spiritual guidance will happily respond and send me some intriguing postcards from within – some easy to understand, some difficult to work with but rewarding in the end. And if you return to them further down the line, you may well find that there are deeper layers to a dream you might not have realised the first time you worked with it.

In my next post, I’ll explain some ways to work with dreams and also add in some great blogs about dreams and books which I’ve found helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help with your queries.

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  1. Dreams always have meanings……some dreams manifest themselves years later but by then the dreamer has already forgotten it!


    1. Yes, I’m always amazed when I read back in my dream diary because I realise how I’ve forgotten so many dreams and they mean something quite different and deeper further down the track.


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