Fearlessness, Feistiness & Majestic Mojo (6)

One of the big advantages of writing a book as a blog is that you have a lot of flexibility to jump around, explore roads less travelled or pull in some outside events to extrapolate from them some of what you want to say in your book.

So I’m doing a giant sideways leap from crystal talk to something which happened yesterday, and that is the Federal election in Australia.

And the reason I’m doing this is because I want to talk about fearlessness, feistiness and getting your majestic    Awesome dance 1    mojo well and truly on.

When I did my 180 deg. turn and switched to crystals, tarot, meditation, art and all sorts of visionary stuff, because I listened to the wellspring of my authentic voice welling up in my, it took a lot of guts.  And why?  Because I knew that I’d get a lot of stick from people I knew, that I’d face ridicule and contempt, and lose the friendship of people I respected.

But I made the change anyway because I knew it was time to start becoming who I really am and to stop being who I thought people wanted me to be.

It worked out brilliantly, as it happens. Good friends who loved me any which way simply took my change of direction with acceptance, approval and good-natured tolerance. They could see how much happier I was.

Others, who wanted me to remain the Mo who didn’t challenge them in any way and who didn’t want me to change, drifted away or dumped me outright.

It was hard, but in doing that I gained my own self-respect and I learned what it was like to let go of fear and to follow my heart and soul.

Which is why I’m thoroughly pissed off with the fear, depression and loathing which the powers-that-be in Britain, the US and Australia have been peddling ever since the Twin Towers tragedy in New York in 2001.  If the terrorists who committed that act could see how we’ve been encouraged, browbeaten and brainwashed into living in fear and loathing ever since, they’d know they’d won. They’ve reduced us to snivelling, fearful little people, twitching at the slightest hint of possible danger, frightened to trip over a crack in the pavement, starting at our own shadows and living on our knees.

Well, it’s time to get off our knees and live life as it’s meant to be lived – with verve, joy, fun and be damned to those who want to squash all our majestic mojo because they want to use a terrible event to extend their Big Brother activities to control us.

Enough of being sheeple.  We are worth a damned sight more!

My adopted country, Australia, has been fed a diet of fear for the past six years of Labor government about the perils of moving into the future as opposed to the so-called safety of running back to the past.

Australians have been encouraged to be little – to fear change; to to live in ignorance about climate change instead of having the guts to tackle ways to ensure we have an earthly heritage to leave future generations; to live in ignorance about modern communications, turn our backs on broadband innovation and embrace the technological dark ages; to revile outsiders -the asylum seekers and refugees, desperate people seeking safe haven only to find hate, selfishness and paranoia.

The Murdoch empire, which administers the media on behalf of the military-industrial-banking complex, has done a snow job for the mining empire and it’s super-wealthy moguls because Murdoch owns 80% of the press in Australia and has ruthlessly used that monopoly to back the Liberal-National Party coalition and bag the Labor-Green Party Coalition.Fox news

Not that I have much time for the way the Labor Party has conducted itself, by the way, they have let down the Australian people with the focus on the in-fighting rather than their achievements. And they didn’t differentiate from the L-NP coalition in any way, just tried to scrabble further into the gutter in a mad scramble for the redneck vote.

So today I’ve returned to the notes I made when I originally wrote in book format, because this is why I wanted to write my book: it’s about getting off your knees, wiping off any dirt left there,  standing on your feet, embracing your fearlessness, revelling in your feistiness however it works for you, and showing the world your majestic majo because we all have that within us.

Whether we like it or not, we’re here on Earth and our reason for being here at this great cosmic crossroads in the life of humans on Earth is to participate in the huge changes taking place with panache and courage. The  world is in the process of moving from one era to another.  We are seeing the end stages of the Industrial Revolution and the coming into being of new ways of living on earth in sustainable, respectful, honourable, creative ways which honour the living planet which supports us and future generations.

We are privileged to be participating in this huge, awe-inspiring light show with fireworks exploding and glittering in the skies above us and in the world around us.

But to do that we have to ditch fear, square our shoulders, show up and live on your feet, not cower on our knees. Like all changes, transformation isn’t going to happen overnight.  No, the old dies away and as it does the new is in the process of coming into being.  It’s the whole story of life on Earth, isn’t it?  Death is the inevitable result of living, and if in these momentous times we can learn to let die those parts of us which keep up from singing the songlines of our soul, then we can surf to the future with grace and vision.

I’m interested in all of us stepping up to the plate and becoming the adults we’re meant to be in these times of great change. This means:                                             

  • No more blame game. Take responsibility for your action
  • Being you. You commit to sorting out who you are and honouring your inner light/wisdom/goddess/love – whatever fires you up spiritually, ethically and authentically.
  • Respect. You respect yourself, others and the world in which we live.
  • Love. You embrace love, turn your back on hate, whining and trollish behaviour. You commit to being tolerance compassionate and open-hearted.
  • Become a world citizen, dump the divisive nationalism of the past. Look at the earth from space and realise how petty our differences are. You are a unique, valuable and brilliant part of the world community rather than limiting yourself to being a citizen of your own, individual country.
  • Embrace community. Love community and, while you respect yourself as an individual, you give the bum’s rush to outmoded ideas of selfishment, “me-me-me” and give the finger to the rat race and greed.

I want to put this in perspective too.  We’re part of changing times, great upheaval, a revolution in the way we live our lives and move into the future. I’m not saying this off the top of my head. The astrological era in which we live is giving us impetus, a boot up the bum, if you will, to release our old selves and come alive, fully alive.

I know the following might sound like a load of old gobbledegook, but I will go into further detail on the gubbins of astrology further down the line.  But as a primer, here’s a bit of astro info.

The planet Uranus (new stuff, innovations, technological advances, revolutions, upheavals) is in Aries for the first time in 84 years (84 years being the time it takes for the planet Uranus to orbit the Sun).  Aries is all fire, enthusiasm, new beginnings, impetuousness, dynamism, ambition, power courage, leadership (plus some challenges like arrogance, intolerance, insensitivity, greed, selfishness). So, as you can imagine, there is a lot of cosmic ass-kicking going on at present.

At the same time, the planet Neptune (mystery, illusion, disillusion, art, spirituality, enchantment, hidden stuff, smoke and mirrors) is in Pisces where it is right at home, both being watery energies. Pisces energies are psychic, healing, emotional, compassionate, sympathetic, visionary, artistic and imaginative to name but a few. So these two are dancing nicely together while at the same time, Chiron, which is also about personal healing, is also doing a beautiful, slow waltz in Pisces.  Healing is letting go of fear, being empathetic with others instead of being self-centred, dumping all the shit that holds us back and ditching anything which dulls our majestic mojo.

And into this mix over the next few years we can also add Pluto which is dodging around all over the place and causing mayhem with its power to stir up secrets, haul out what you’d like to keep locked down and hidden in the cellar, clearing out old emotional junk, and generally stirring things up left, right and centre. Pluto is the death of the old, the moribund, the dumping of yesterday’s junk. It’s also in Capricorn, the sign of business, worldly affairs, military-industrial-banking conglomerates, which is why all sorts of hidden stuff in relation to government spying, banking shenanigans and media manipulation is hitting the light of day.

It’s all an opportunity for renewal so grab it with both hands.

Change is challenging. But if we’re up for the challenge, we can live our lives in  tune with these new energies, and enjoy this messy, complicated, unpredictable life with grace, joy, verve, panache and gusto.



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