Write your book 1I came across these words of Toni Morrison’s recently. I’ve got them pinned up in front of my computer.

And finally I’m doing it – writing my own book, in my own way, at my own pace.

And god, it feels good!

I’ve been dithering over writing a book for years and years.  It’s driven my husband nutso as I’ve started and stopped, and started again, only to grind to a halt.

Many writers will sympathise with this. But the reason I didn’t proceed to write the full book was that I wasn’t entirely happy with the idea of “a book”.  I wanted something flexible, where I was in charge, where I could post photos as and when I wanted, and which would meet my need to be eccentric and off the planet.

I couldn’t quite work out the format, although ideas were buzzing around in my head.

And then a dear friend (yoo-hoo, Pegs!) said: “Mo, your blog is your book”.

A real aha! moment as the lights went on.

A blog is so much more flexible than a book format, I can write to my heart’s content, zigzag all over the place as I felt the urge, and it feels  right.

So this book blog has been birthed!

And I suppose better late than never.

I was born to write although I never realised it until late in life.

As a little girl, I wrote short stories. As I got older, I can remember creating a small newspaper for my aunt to welcome the arrival of her first child.

I wrote short and longer stories at school and at university.

I wrote, literally, at the drop of a hat. Yet I never realised it was a gift because it was so easy.

If it sounds weird to say I was born to write, I happen to like astrology where the gift is plain to see: a triangle (what is called a grand trine) in my birth chart with all the planetary line-ups signalling that writing is my path in life. I won’t go into all the astro details now because it’s a bit early for that and I don’t want to bore witless any readers kind enough to read my blog. More further down the line.

And now, having worked through the writing bit, I’ll move on to the crazy crone bit.

Picture I never set out to be a crazy crone or a wild woman.

But I’ve ended up as both, for which I’m truly grateful.

I started out as Ms Goody Two-shoes,  conscientious, reliable and dependable. And I felt increasingly dispirited and disheartened plus I’d done the depressed bit on and off all my life.

It’s why I’ve included the quote from Gabrielle Roth because it applies so much to me.

Then in my late ‘forties, early ‘fifties I threw the Goody Two-Shoes overboard  virtually overnight and set out to find out just who I really am. I felt – and still do now – that for some reason I had committed in this life to dancing with the wellspring of spiritual energy deep within me that asked me to start dancing on the road less travelled.

And I reclaimed my heart and soul.

In the process, I discovered I was unconventional, eccentric, deeply spiritual, creative, a writer, an artist, a crystal worker, a Tarot reader  a photographer and a teacher.

My wild & wondrous life has spanned the UK, Australia and now  North Cyprus.

I’d like to share with you what I’ve done with my life and what I’ve learned along the way:

* Empower yourself and embrace your integrity.

* Know who you are through some simple, basic astrology and honour yourself as you’re meant to be.

* Tune into your gifts and talents

* Listen to your intuition

* Follow your heart

* Embrace the power of love

And learn to live your own wild and wondrous life, as a unique, gifted, talented being.

So I’m not saying if I can do what I’ve done with my life, you can do the same.  I really hate it when people say that. Each of us is so unique and different which is what makes life so vivid, exciting and challenging.

Your wild & wondrous life is yours for the asking when you are yourself, not a pale imitation of anyone else or some celebrity who’ll be forgotten once the gravy train of media attention has moved on to the next overnight sensation.

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